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Jefferson County Sheriff

Walk the line: a woman from Dillonvale told MPs she couldn’t prove it, but she believes a neighbor who believes she owns some of her property removes her survey marks on Thursday.

Deep sleep: A Bloomingdale man told MPs that a disruption in his apartment was due to his son sleeping Thursday and missing a dentist appointment. He said the younger man had problems with his teeth and was upset when he realized he’d slept through his appointment. Callers had told MPs they could hear screams and things being thrown around the residence.

Mail call: A resident of Mingo Junction told MPs that another couple had mail and parcels sent to their address and then came to their property on Thursday, uninvited, to collect the items. The perpetrators, who used to live at the address in question, said they tried to update their address with the post office by filing the correct paperwork and even calling the USPS 800 number, but it didn’t work.

Pretender: A Salineville man said he received a Facebook message from someone pretending to be an employee who offered a money-making opportunity on Wednesday that turned out to be a hoax. The victim said the person tricked him into providing his identification information, but he told MPs that he did not provide any money to the thieves. He said he had to freeze his accounts with the credit bureaus, report the fraud on the FBI’s website for fraud reports, contact his banks and credit card companies, and sign up for an identity protection service.

The Rules: Two girls temporarily living in Richmond claimed their grandmother abused them when their mother went to work, but their mother told MPs the girls were the problem because the girls just didn’t like to listen on Thursday. None of the girls showed signs of injury and MPs said Grandma told them it was the girls “Disrespectful, shut up and don’t listen.”

Booked: Victoria Neeley, 31, 233 Ohio St., Steubenville, no-show Thursday; Christopher Monigold, 33, 30 Township Road, 308, Amsterdam, probation service, Thursday; Skylar Scott Miller, 18, 662 Rinker Road, Steubenville, Illegal Sexual Contact, Thursday.

Steubenville police

Blown up: A Ridge Avenue resident said a woman would not let her get out of her car and threatened to get a broom on Thursday and hit her and her children with it. She said the woman spat in her face too. Police said the other woman appeared to be “Very intoxicated.”

Walker: A woman on Rosswell Avenue who said she wanted to come home took a breather on the 700 block on Pine Street, much to the chagrin of the homeowner who asked her off his porch Thursday. The police said the woman was “Highly intoxicated” and told them that she was “Too Drunk To Run” So they drove her home.

Damage: A man driving through a parking lot on the 2800 block of Sunset Boulevard told police he hit a parked car.

Doggone it: A resident of Keagler Drive said she was trapped in her car by her neighbor’s dog on Thursday. She said the big dog was standing next to her vehicle and was barking aggressively and would not let her open the door. Shortly after calling the police, she said the neighbor came out and got the dog.

Code Issues: The owners of the property at 1305 Cardinal Street and 1306 Arlington, both for tall grass, have been notified of violations.

Cited: David A. Hall, 35, 148 Palmer Road, Athens, PA, Poisoning.

Booked: Thomas Walenciej, 43, 1306 Arlington Ave., Steubenville, non-payment of child benefit, Thursday.

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