Prosecution seems into Parker’s life earlier than homicide

NEW BOSTON, TEXAS (KSLA) – Sentencing for Taylor Parker continued on Tuesday, Oct. 18

Parker has been convicted of capital murder in the 2020 death of Reagan Hancock and removing her unborn child from the womb.

Today, the prosecution continued to provide information on Parker’s life before the murder occurred.

The court heard from a neurologist who said Parker came to him in 2016 for possible treatment of multiple sclerosis. He said he listens and trusts his patients, but after numerous tests by him and at least four other physicians at different times, results showed there was no multiple sclerosis. However, he said Parker could have been experiencing symptoms from complicated migraine headaches.

Parker’s ex-husband Tommy Wacasey told the court that she would fake her illness. He said when she knew she was being watched, she would walk with a limp. He said when she didn’t think he was looking, she would walk naturally.

Following the her 2017 divorce, the court ordered Parker to pay child support to Wacasey. This morning, Wacasey’s current wife, Amy, said Parker never paid child support or lived up to the parental visitation rights for the child.

Earlier in the trial, the prosecution said Parker owed more than $8,000 in back child support.

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