Prosecutor to Resolve Custody of Child Lydia

Caroline Crouch with her husband and father of their baby Babis Anagnostopoulos. Photo credit: Instagram/@Flying.babis

The question of who will have custody of Caroline Crouch’s baby named Lydia was high on the agenda of the prosecutor’s office on Saturday.

The current discussions on the placement of the child are only a transitional arrangement as the final decision rests with a court that will meet in 90 days.

Custody of Caroline Crouch’s baby

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The child was in the care of her father, Babis Anagnostopoulos, before admitting on Wednesday that he murdered his wife and family dog. Now the prosecutors are faced with the difficult question of where the child should be housed in order to be as safe as possible in the coming days.

According to Article 1532 of the Civil Code, the public prosecutor has two options. Crouch’s baby can be temporarily transferred to either Crouch’s relatives in Alonissos or the Anagnostopoulos family.

Investigations into where the child is doing best in the long run have already begun. The social services are investigating the living conditions that the child would receive in both family houses in order to hopefully arrive at a result which is more suitable for a minor.

However, Article 1532 of the Greek Civil Code also emphasizes that in extremely urgent cases the public prosecutor can take all measures to protect the interests and protection of the child “until the court decision is issued, which must be dealt with within 90 days the possibility of extending this period by a further 90 days. “

Anagnostopoulos is currently being held in the Attica Police Headquarters, better known as “GADA”, the police headquarters in Athens.

He released his first testimony to the press since his arrest by his lawyer Alexandros Papaioannidis. In an interview with, Papaioannidis passed on the following statement from Anagnostopoulos.

“My concern is for our child Lydia. I send all the best to both of our families (his family and Crouch’s family). I’m devastated by everything I’ve done, I did it with my child in mind, ”says Anagnostopoulos.

Crouch’s husband confesses to brutal murder

Late on Thursday, Greek police charged Anagnostopoulos with Crouch’s brutal May 11th murder in Athens. The husband confessed to having committed the crime.

20-year-old Crouch was strangled in front of her 11-month-old baby on May 11 at her home near Athens. Anagnostopoulos initially claimed that the murder was carried out by robbers.

According to sources, the suspect told investigators that he killed Crouch after she threatened to leave him and take her 11-month-old baby after an argument.

“We had an argument that night. At some point she threw the child into the crib and told me to get up and leave the house. She pushed and hit me. I blurred, I killed them and then staged the robbery, ”he told police investigators.

He confessed to staging the crime scene to back up his story to police that the 20-year-old was beaten and strangled by three robbers searching for cash and valuables while he was handcuffed to a chair and unable to help.

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