Providing assist and love for Mom’s Day

On Friday night, the group received support from an unexpected source, Steelers v Zach Banner. Banner had dinner with the group at the University Club in Oakland, listening to them and giving them a relaxed evening where they could continue to support one another and receive outside support while sharing a rose with each of them to show them off To give the love you need in a difficult time.

“It’s such a sensitive issue, it’s such a relative issue to me,” said Banner. “Growing up, I know mothers like her in Tacoma who lost their sons to violence in our inner-city neighborhoods, and you get desensitized to it until you’re around something like that.

“I told them the first time I saw them that my heart ached. I was able to send flowers to my mother for Mother’s Day. I told them that I was not just offering you these flowers in a modest way to make you smile. I understand you can’t get the same from your sons, we started like this and for the rest of the two hours.

“I just sat there and listened. There was a lot of smiles, a lot of cries, a lot more smiles and a lot more cries. I had to hold myself together. This stuff is real. Unfortunately, a lot of people will say your kids were busy doing things, put themselves in their shoes this environment. First, people don’t understand that this is the environment we were born into. Number two, not all had problematic children. Some admitted that their children didn’t like good things, but others, it wasn’t Fall. There are so many stories, but the outside people who look inside want to judge us.

“It was really good to make her smile. At the same time, we understand that her organization and mission to save a life in the future is so important. Instead of waiting for the kids in our community to be shot on the news, we want them to be better off. “

Banner gave women the opportunity to really open their hearts because what is mainly in their hearts is the desire not to let this happen to other children, other mothers who are moving forward. They just don’t want another mother to bury her child for violence.

“When I got the call, I thought hard work really pays off,” said Ford. “I was like this was my journey from God. From the moment my son was shot, I started to run, not to go. People asked if I was grieving because I was trying to make others comfortable. I think that was my trip. I was like what is my goal, that is, to help women.

“When I got the call that he wanted to help us, I thought my voice would be heard. I want a bigger voice. They hear us, but they don’t really hear us. When I heard one of the Steelers players around us I knew it was going to be big for us. I want people to know that we are here when they need us. This is a reality.

“We have to keep reminding people that our children are human. This is the face behind the story.”

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