Rapper Nas Has a Son & a Daughter with 2 Totally different Girls

Rapper Nas saw overwhelming success in his career, but not in his romance. The iconic entertainer endured two failed relationships that resulted in parenthood – he shares a son and daughter with two women. Meet the mother of his children.

Nas is the father of two lovely children with women who are no longer in his life. His first child is a daughter named Destiny. The rapper was romantically engaged to Destiny’s mother Carmen for a while.

The couple got engaged but never married. However, Nas walked down the aisle with his second baby mom, Kelis, who has a son, Knight.

Nas attends the Vevo Go Show at the Ace Hotel in New York City on July 30, 2010 | Photo: Getty Images


Nas and Kelis dated for two years before deciding to exchange their vows. The marriage between the two lasted four years, after which the singer filed for divorce.

Although she was seven months pregnant at the time, she decided to face the hardships of a failed marriage, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason.

A few years later, she went public with a number of reasons that may have influenced her decision to leave the marriage. First, Kelis claimed that her ex-husband was abusive and bruised her several times.

The rapper contradicted these claims and posted a long message calling his ex-wife’s stories as sad fictional stories.

He added that Kelis verbally and physically abused him during their union and prolonged hostility after their breakup, preventing him from seeing their son often.

That same year, Kelis, who was already receiving $ 8,000 in child support, asked for more money and said her monthly expenses far exceeded the amount.


In 2015, the then 36-year-old became a mother of two after welcoming their second child with her current husband, a real estate agent named Mike Mora.

The couple kept their wedding a secret for some time, but Mora proudly celebrated his wife with posts, noting that they were proud of their lives but decided to keep it quiet.

Both Mora and Kelis were very happy to have their son Shepherd. The second time mom shared stories about her pregnancy, like cravings, while her husband quickly posted online about his fatherhood trip.

In addition to being a cookbook writer, author, singer, loving mother and wife, Kelis is also great at annoying her fans with dazzling shots of herself and her family.


Like Kelis, Carmen was entitled to child support, but it all ended after her daughter turned 18. In 2015, rumors circulated that Nas’ baby mom was homeless and it appeared that she had relied solely on child support.

The gossip mills reported that Carmen never got a job after becoming a mother and writing a comprehensive book called “It’s No Secret”. The book records her time with Nas and another rap icon, Jay-Z.

These men, who were once Carmen’s lovers, became rivals when they invented songs that mocked each other. She claimed Jay Z was furious for accepting Nas’ proposal.

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