Rebecca’s Daughter Tiffany Says ‘She Selected Each Single Man’ Over Her Youngsters

Rebecca Parrott’s daughter Tiffany Smith, the star of Season 8’s 90-day fiancé, called her out in a recent Instagram comment. Based on Rebecca’s selfies and her interactions with 90 Day Fiancé, fans thought she and her youngest daughter Tiffany were very close. There is a lot to unpack from Rebecca and Tiffany’s past, particularly regarding how Rebecca’s handling of romantic relationships is.

Rebecca Parrott’s daughter Tiffany Smith on “90 Day Fiancé” | TLC

Rebecca’s daughter Tiffany calls her on Instagram

As voiced in the That Celeb Talk Guy video that aired in June 2021, Tiffany made some serious allegations against her mother and announced that she had cut off all contact. Tiffany said that “things happened behind the scenes that ruined our relationship”. She said that what happened between her and her mother is something no one would “expect” to do.

Tiffany said her mother’s actions were responsible for the strained relationship. She said that she no longer wanted to be part of her mother’s narrative. She said that sometimes she and her mother have very different opinions. Even so, Tiffany was there to support Rebecca on the 90-day fiance because no other family members would.

Tiffany says her mother Rebecca chose ‘every single guy’ over her children

In a recent Instagram comment from Tiffany (captured and posted on 90-day fiancé Reddit), Tiffany slams her mom. The comment is, “I have a lot of feelings for her.” Tiffany explained, “If your mother left you and your brother and sister in a nursing home for days while your father was in prison, he couldn’t get you and she never came to you.”

Tiffany then claims that her mother “preferred every single man who came into her life to her children.” She continues, “And drops her children like they don’t really exist.” She then claims her mother referred to her as “manipulative b-” when she was a child. She said, “She goes behind your back to tell someone that you are manipulative because you need her so much for everything.”

She concludes that as a result, she “feels negative about any situation that affects her”. Tiffany finishes the comment: “[She’s] has proven to me several times in several ways that she doesn’t care about me. ”

A look back at Rebecca’s marriages before Zied

On the 90-day fiancé: Before the 90 days, Rebecca first traveled to meet her Tunisian friend Zied. It turned out that she was married three times before.

According to Stars Offline, Rebecca married her first husband Taylor in November 1991. They had three children together, Tiffany, Brandon, and their eldest daughter, who has not yet been identified. She divorced in October 2006. Eventually she lost custody of her children and had to pay child support. According to Soap Dirt, Rebecca’s ex-husband sued her in court in 2014 for owing $ 5,200 in child support, which narrowly avoided jail time.

In June 2009, Rebecca married her second husband Seifart. They lasted until September 2013. Then there was the infamous Moroccan third husband, Belettar, whom she married in the same month as their previous divorce. She separated from Belettar in early 2019. Technically, Rebecca was still married on paper when she started dating Zied. 90 Day Faincé fans recall when Zied got “so jealous” upon discovering that she was technically still married to her ex. In July 2019, Rebecca divorced for the third time. When Zied finally got his K-1 visa approved, the two married on April 19, 2020.

While it is clear that Rebecca had many men in and out of her life, it is unclear whether or not the allegations of neglecting her daughter are true. While the 90-Day Fiancé audience may never understand the complexities of Rebecca and Tiffany’s relationship, it is clear that they are not currently speaking.

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