“Regardless of making $100 million, Karl Malone rejected paying $200 or $125 in little one help”: Jazz legend refused little one help after impregnating a 13-year previous

Karl Malone’s career as a player was a remarkable one.

The Mailman was a two-time MVP and a 14-time All-Star during his time in the league. Malone ranks 3rd in the all-time scorers’ list behind only Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and LeBron James.

Malone is arguably the greatest Utah Jazz player not named John Stockton and had his jersey retired. He was also inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

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His basketball career was nothing short of legendary despite the absence of a championship. Malone is often mentioned as the greatest Power Forward to have played the game.

However, his personal life was marred with controversy. Malone was the subject of multiple paternity suits in the 1980s. The most controversial one being the suit filed by Gloria Bell.

Gloria Bell was 13 when she was impregnated by a 20-year-old Malone. The controversy on the other hand, doesn’t end there.

Did Malone refuse to pay child support to Gloria Bell?

Gloria Bell gave birth to Demetress Bell in 1984. Bell went on to become an NFL offensive tackle and had a reasonably successful NFL career.

As rape charges were avoided, Gloria Bell’s parents sued Malone and the Jazz star were ordered to pay $125 a week as child support. Malone rejected the same and opted to reach a settlement in 1988-89 after much furore.

Karl Malone getting a 13 year old pregnant and not paying child support should be talked about more. One of the worst people to be associated with the NBA.

— Greg Ehrenberg (@gehrenbergdfs) March 23, 2022

Malone earned around $104 million in earnings during the span of his career. For him to reject a child support claim amounting to merely $125 a week is ridiculous.

The Mailman became a figure of much scrutiny after the breaking of this news. His despicable handling of the paternal suit and the subsequent demands have made him one of the most hated NBA players of all time.

While Jazz fans may beg to differ, his lack of consideration has led to people asking the NBA to not celebrate the man. Malone’s failure to form a real relationship with Bell has also been well-documented.

Stardom gets to people. Malone’s case should prove to be a ‘what not to do as an NBA star’ guide to upcoming stars.

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