Republican Congressional Candidate Sues Rival For “Defamatory” Robotexts – TCPAWorld

So its late but I’m up looking at the new TCPA complaints filed this evening and here is a really interesting one.

A guy named Kent Gray is apparently running to be Congressman out in Illinois. He’s a Republican but apparently some other Republicans have been bad mouthing him ahead of the primary.

Specifically they sent around a text blast to thousands of Republicans alleging that Gray was $30k behind in child support payments. That according to a new complaint filed by Gray against Tim Butler, Matt Butcher and Jayme Seimer, all of whom I have never heard of. He also sues something called House Republican Majority, which I assume is some sort of Pac (regular or Super).

Not only does he sue for defamation he also charges that each of the text messages that were sent violates the TCPA. Interestingly he appears to be suing individually to collect for all of the text messages that were sent to other people. Up to $7.5MM worth of TCPA violations to other people’s cell phones (again, this is not a class action.)

Not sure that’s how it works. But I am curious to see what happens here.

Also, apparently the primary is tomorrow-ish. So.. timely.

Complaint here: Gray

Good night TCPA World.

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