‘RHOA’ Kandi & Riley Burruss Clap Again Over Little one assist Claims

Now everybody knows that on Real Housewives of Atlanta Kandi Burruss does not play about her family. Doesn’t matter if they are wrong or right. Thankfully this time, she is speaking up for the right side, her daughter Riley Burruss, whose father Russell “Block” Spencer is still trying to defend his decision to not pay child support.

Block Is Adamant About Hanging On To His Coins

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It is no secret to fans of “RHOA” that Kandi has been going back and forth with Block for some time now trying to get her daughter any kind of monetary value she can from the child support that is long overdue.

Kandi has done plenty of confessionals on “RHOA” sharing that the relationship with Riley’s father is so strained that they have stopped expecting anything from Block for a while now.

In the past when she was asked about how co-parenting was going, she pointed out, “we haven’t really co-parented because he’s never been involved.”

Block Had A Lot To Say About Kandi & Riley Burruss

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Block straight-up admits that he doesn’t believe that he still owes Riley any money. In fact, he points out that Riley is the only one of his children that have never lived with him, and the possible reason why she and her mom are going so hard to get this child support is that Riley is jealous of the time her helped -siblings got with the dad who was MIA in her life.

A pretty bold statement to make about your daughter. In the interview that took place with Vlad TV, Block claimed that he and Riley used to get along great until Kandi got jealous of his 7 other kids.

“Riley was never in that situation [to live with Block] because her mom put me on child support. Now how you put me on child support and you got more money than me, their mom, and you put me on child support?” even though the fellas over at Vlad TV told Block Kandi’s income doesn’t matter, he still tried to justify his $97,000 child support by saying he raised kids that weren’t even his.

“I raised kids that didn’t know mine, and she this. That was one of her attractions to me. I raised kids that wasn’t mine. Why wouldn’t I raise mine? Now, when she started putting my business in the street, now it’s a [problem].”

Kandi & Riley Burruss Clapped Back!

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“I don’t care how well I’m doing, I still need that money you owe me.” Kandi said on Instagram via a picture. She also added a caption that said, “Don’t BLOCK your blessing not doing right by your children…” clearly we know who she is throwing her words at.

She was soon backed up by Riley who hopped into the comments of her mom’s post. “My mom and I always try to take the high road. But honestly, it’s really upsetting I have to see you badmouthing us publicly.”

Yeah, father of the year over here. The college student went on to eloquently call her dad out over that supposedly jealousy he diagnosed her with. “I was blessed to be raised in a household where my mom provided the best life I could have. No jealousy here. I would appreciate it if you could stop talking about us.”

The Bravo Family Has Her Back

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Riley and her mom were met with support from Bravo fans who pointed out how “grown up” and “intelligent” the response to her father was. Meanwhile, Kandi pointed out to fans again that she is ready to pounce at any moment for her babies.

Fans are wondering if any of this drama will play out on the new season “RHOA” set to premiere on May 1st.

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