Right here’s why the Georgia runoff elections for the U.S. Senate may flip right into a ‘large deal’ for markets


The upcoming runoff election in Georgia next Tuesday could add volatility to a soaring stock market that has left politics largely behind in favor of the better economic outlook for the next year. See full story.

Yes, it is possible to save too much for retirement

You can miss the present if you focus too much on your future self. See full story.

These are the best performing stocks from Nasdaq and S&P 500 of 2020

COVID-19 rewarded companies that are on the cutting edge of mobility and remote working. See full story.

Tech stocks rose along with COVID-19. Don’t expect the same in 2021

Tech stocks carried the market higher in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic caused billions of people to seek shelter and instead congregated in cyberspace. However, they expect more uneven performance in 2021 as companies move from crisis mode to long-term plans. See full story.

Mortgage rates are hovering near record lows to close in 2020 – here is the bad news

During 2020, mortgage rates fell to all-time lows more than a dozen times. See full story.


‘Minnesota’s child support program cost all the money. The government could have left me at least part of that money. ‘See full story.

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