Rochester man going through 57 fees of kid pornography, not in custody

“Obviously it’s a pretty gross case, but I have a feeling we have this case pretty well under control now,” says Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem.

Ostrem said the investigation began back in December when Rochester police received a tip from a social media site that Pichurin had computer files containing child pornography.

Investigators found these files and arrested Pichurin, who then bailed him and was released.

Since then, police have said they found evidence of at least three victims and discovered more child pornography on his devices. Each new charge is based on newly uncovered evidence, but police assume he does not currently produce or distribute child pornography.

“We have a good feeling that he is not continuing his behavior and bullying people, but we are discovering how disgusting his behavior was at first,” Ostrem said.

Pichurin was arrested twice more, but the court ruled that he could be released as long as he agreed to the court’s terms.

“He’s not allowed to have internet-enabled devices, so we’ve now restricted that. He’s not allowed to be in places where children are present. Schools play courtyards, things like that,” Ostrem said.

Ostrem said there is no way of guessing when he will go to court or what his sentence would be if convicted.

“He’s still considered innocent. His guilt has not yet been proven. Unfortunately, it takes a while for a case like this to get through the system,” said Ostrem.

Rochester Police said the investigation itself would take time.

“It’s only the measures and the preservation of evidence and then only when we get the information,” said RPD investigator Ryan Edge.

Both Ostrem and Edge said they wouldn’t call this the worst child porn case in Olmsted County’s history as each case is different. They said 57 major crime charges are a lot of charges, and they both agree, a case like this is one too many.

ABC 6 News reached out to Pichurin’s attorneys who said they do not want to comment at this point.

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