San Angelo man fires gun throughout custody change of toddler

SAN ANGELO – A San Angelo man was arrested after firing a gun near two women and a 20-month-old child during a custody swap. This emerges from an affidavit published on Tuesday.

On Friday, February 19, 2021, police responded to a report of an attack / unloaded gun in the 3800 block of Honeysuckle Drive. A woman and her sister had visited the man’s apartment to pick up their child.

As the man put the child in the vehicle, “he lifted his shirt and raised a brown pistol (the sister) at his waist.” The nurse warned the woman about the gun, and the woman affidavitly confronted the man.

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The man “swung the gun again” and “swung it around toward the front of the vehicle (the woman)”. The women heard a bang and the nurse saw “an orange burst” shoot out of the gun. The woman got into the car and they drove away according to the affidavit.

Police checked footage from the ring camera, which recorded the man approaching the woman and the vehicle, “receiving an unrecognizable object” and pointing it toward the woman and vehicle. Investigators also discovered a spent 9mm Luger grenade on the ground.

Eric Alan Hernandez Jr., 21, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of fatal behavior – gun unloaded. According to online prison records, he was released the next day on a $ 15,000 bond.

Alana Edgin is a West Texas crime and justice journalist. Send her a news tip at [email protected].

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