Single mother wins Bryant’s Heat Winter Want | Lincoln Residing

Lee Warnsholz of Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing works on the fireplace for Amber Belding’s new stove as part of Bryant’s Warm Winter Wish program.

Courtesy photo

Amber Belding’s Warm Winter Wish is the story of a young single mother who works hard to get a roof over the heads of her three children.

Without help in the form of child benefit, Belding works two jobs to make ends meet. On weekdays she is a nurse at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital for 50-60 hours a week. Over the weekend, she works at the local gas station in Sterling, Nebraska, where she lives 39 miles southeast of Lincoln.

Belding was aware of some problems with her home’s utilities, but she had learned to accept them for what they were. Due to ongoing problems, recent repairs to the oven, and the age of the system, reliability was questionable. Although there were signs of a need to replace the stove, Belding had hoped it would continue to supply heat and extend the inevitable for another year.

Lincoln’s Bryant Air Conditioning, Heating, Electrical & Plumbing received a nomination for Bryant’s Warm Winter Wish program from Bernstein’s stepmother, Karen Belding, who often looks after Bernstein’s children while at work. Karen knew what financial hardship another breakdown – or worse, a complete stove replacement – would be for Amber.

As part of the Warm Winter Wish selection process, members of the Bryant team visit a small group of nominees at home.

“Essentially, the home visit gives us the opportunity to meet a potential recipient in person, confirm nomination history, and ensure their home is suitable for the warm winter wish,” said Steve Wittenhagen, Bryant’s director of residential real estate sales. “When we visited Bernstein’s house, we discovered problems outside the oven that were potential safety hazards that I believed we couldn’t leave.”

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