Soraya Lee Gibson: Tyrese’s Lovable Daughter Caught in Drama

Soraya Lee Gibson is a celebrity daughter born to father Tyrese Gibson and a clinician mother Samantha Lee.

Tyrese Gibson is a famous musician who created albums like Tyrese (1998), I wanna go there (2002), Open Invitation (2011), alter ego (2006), and BlackRose (2015). He is also a famous actor who starred in movies like the Fast & Furious franchise and The Transformers.

Soraya’s name has been in the news due to not just having a famous father but also because of feuding parents. Soraya also did get in the news in 2021 when her parents announced she had to go through surgery.

The surgery she needed was not explicitly named, but it’s safe to say the surgery was successful, and baby girl is doing fantastic.

Soraya Lee Gibson’s Family And Background

On February 14, 2017, musician and movie star Tyrese Gibson got into his second marriage with Samantha Lee, who is Soraya’s mother. Tyrese’s first marriage to Norma Mitchell in 2007 ended in 2009.

The marriage produced Soraya’s older stepsister, Shayla, who was born on July 11, 2007. It was allegedly a rough divorce. However, Tyrese did get married to Samantha Lee (Soraya’s mom) in 2017, and by October 1, 2018, the beautiful baby Soraya was born. Since her father is a massive movie star, Soraya got and still gets much attention.

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Soraya Lee Gibson’s Parents Divorce

When people say, “I do!” they usually intend for it to last forever. Unfortunately, marriages often do not last forever.

Tyrese Gibson announced on December 30, 2020, that his marriage to Samantha Lee had come to an end. He made this revelation via social media and explained that it was a separation at that moment and that the divorce would follow soon enough. There are usually at least two sides to a story, which is the case with Samantha and Tyrese Gibson’s marriage conflict.

Both parties jointly posted about their separation, appreciating each other for their four beautiful years together and promising to be friends and great parents to their daughter. But it did not take long before the conflict started, and the public became acquainted with Samantha’s side of the story.

In a live video, Samantha accused Tyrese Gibson of cutting her off regarding finances. She also spoke of how their conflict reached a boiling point when he locked her and Soraya (who was two years old) out of their Georgia home. Obviously, this created a social media frenzy as people love some “tea.”

However, Tyrese denied all these allegations and spoke his own truth. He claimed he did not lock his ex-wife and their 2-year old daughter out of the house. Instead, Tyrese insisted that Samantha had started fermenting trouble when he returned from a set and that she had threatened to call the police.

Tyrese said he knew if he stayed in the house while waiting for the police to come, things could get out of hand. So, he left the house. He also insisted that he did not cut Samantha and Soraya off financially. He noted that Samantha demanded $20,000 monthly as his responsibility for caring for their daughter Soraya. For Tyrese Gibson, this was a sum that he felt was ridiculous.

Tyrese Public Drama

It would not be the first time Tyrese was embroiled in a child support conflict with an ex-wife. He had famously broken down in tears on Instagram, begging his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell, not to take their daughter (Shayla) from him.

During that episode, he had mentioned that he was already paying $13,000 monthly in child support and that he did not know what else Norma Mitchell wanted from him.

So, one can see why Tyrese would not want to pay up to $20,000 to Samantha Lee for child support.

Even though Tyrese had promised to do everything to get his ex-wife back, things went so sour for Soraya’s parents that by March 2021, Tyrese announced he was in a new relationship with a lady named Zelie Timothy.

This sparked outrage on social media as some people thought it was too early for Tyrese to move on from Samantha Lee.

Samantha has since advised ladies not to date or marry celebrities. She insists she always intended to avoid celebs but decided to give love with Tyrese a chance after mutual friends introduced the pair in 2015.

Soraya Lee Gibson’s Surgery

It is not unusual for feuding exes to loathe each other so much that co-parenting becomes nearly impossible.

However, Soraya’s parents are a stellar example of parents who set their differences aside for the benefit of their children. Despite the public mess their divorce struggle became, they have stayed true to their commitments as regards Soraya Lee Gibson.

There is no better example of this commitment than when Soraya needed medical attention, and both parents put their issues aside to take care of her.

In August 2021, at 2, Soraya’s parents announced that Soraya underwent a 2-hour surgery to battle health issues. They did not provide details of the health challenge that ensured Soraya would need surgery.

They also did not give details of the surgical procedure. However, both parents showed appreciation for the other party by sticking to the commitment to care for their daughter. Tyrese thanked Samantha, and she also thanked him for being there for their daughter.

Tyrese Ordered To Pay $10k in Child Support

Superior Court Judge Kevin M. Farmer ordered Tyrese to pay $10,690 a month to his ex Samantha Lee for child support in August 2022. Since the child support was backdated to September 2020 when Samantha filed for divorce, Tyrese now owes his ex a lump sum of $209,000. However, the judge reduced the amount to $169,000 since Tyrese was making payments for Samantha’s car for two years. The good news for Tyrese is that neither party will have to pay spousal support.

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