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When faced with a marriage and divorce problem, you may have many questions on your mind. Things Not To Worry About May Make You Think If Divorce Is Right For You And Your Family.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, you should know the cause and effect of the decision that you are about to make in your life. Below are the facts you should know about getting divorced.

How Long Does It Take If You Get Divorced In South Carolina?

While divorce is the worst scenario in your life, for many couples it is sometimes a reality. According to This website, a person must have someone when this type of situation arises. The process for such a case can take a long time.

In the event of a divorce through no fault of their own, the couples should first live apart for a year before they can file for divorce. It means the two of you should live in different houses. This separation should be deliberate and the teams should reach a year initially.

In contrast, if their divorce is culpable, couples cannot wait a year before filing for divorce in South Carolina. The basics of error it contains are physical cruelty, adultery, drunkenness, and a year of desertion. However, regardless of whether the divorce is through no fault or fault, couples should wait two months before they can be heard and their divorce can be approved.

Does the legal separation apply in South Carolina?

There is no legal separation in South Carolina. Couples in South Carolina are considered separated once they move to different locations. Although it is not a legal separation, legal claims are still asserted. It enables the person to move forward.

These cases include judicial inquiries regarding custody of the couple’s children, spousal support, child support, and even fair sharing, also known to many as the Division of property. This happens before the couples are eligible to file for divorce.

Is Common Law Marriage Applicable in South Carolina?

Yes, that Civil law marriage still exists in South Carolina; They are also known as one of the few states that still practice this law on marriage. There is no precise length of time a couple should live together to have a common law marriage.

The state of South Carolina requires that if a couple marry, they must share their intentions. They live together and have to present themselves to the public as a married couple. If the court determines a common law marriage, the court will apply the same guidelines and rules to a formal divorce.

Should a person live in South Carolina to file for divorce?

Residency is important if you are getting divorced in South Carolina. To file a divorce case in South Carolina, you should both have lived in the area for at least three months. Or if just one of you lives in South Carolina, whoever lives in the area should live in town for a year.

Filing for divorce in South Carolina

The first steps you should take are to submit the following documents to the Bailiff, Family Court Department; Here are the things you need to include with your documents:

  • Acceptance of the service
  • The certificate of exemption
  • The divorce lawsuit
  • The final divorce order
  • The financial declaration form. You should not sign this paper unless you are in front of a notary public
  • The cover sheet of the family court
  • Request for a hearing
  • Subpoena for divorce

You and your partner can file this in the county you both shared your residence in the county you live in, especially if your spouse does not live in South Carolina. And if you don’t live in South Carolina, you can file this in the county your partner lives in.

Some of the papers should only be signed in front of the notary. You shouldn’t sign the documents that need to be notarized unless you are in front of them. After you’ve completed all of the paperwork, you should have at least two copies of this.

Request for a divorce hearing

After serving your partner, you can count 35 days on your calendar. You shouldn’t include the day you served your spouse. If by the 35th day you have still not received a response or response from your partner, you can move on to the final divorce.

In South Carolina, the court will wait three months from the date you filed the papers to finalize your divorce. If you and your partner are already okay with any divorce-related issues, the next step should be to fill out the hearing request and take it to court.

You need to be prepared with your hearing

In order to prepare for the hearing, you must complete the entire divorce or annulment report and final divorce petition. You should also have someone to testify for you during your hearing. Who has knowledge of your life as a couple and can certify that the two of you are separated.

Bring away

When you get divorced in South Carolina, even if your partner has already consented to the divorce, you will face many problems that should be resolved. You will never know when something is going to arise. Therefore, the rights of your children and you must be protected. You should hire an experienced and competent lawyer whom you can trust.



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