Spartanburg Co. giving those that are behind on little one assist a second likelihood

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – Spartanburg County is giving people who have fallen behind on child support a chance to get on the right side of the law.

The county will be holding a program at the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium from April 6 through April 8 for people who are wanted for not paying child support.

County officials said this will be a chance for people to get their warrants forgiven and to get on the right track.

Data shows that Spartanburg County currently has 460 active bench warrants for people who haven’t paid child support. We’re hoping these folks will come in and try to pay a lumpsum, get rid of these warrants, these warrants will be forgiven, if they show up one of these three days,” said Scottie Kay Blackwell with Spartanburg County.

Blackwell said this event is to help those who want to try.

“It shows that you have that initiative, you’re trying to do better, you’re trying to better yourself. This is the opportunity to, like I said, get back on the right track,” she said.

Here’s how it will work: if this applies to you, come in on one of the three days and work out a payment plan with a county official. Then, they will take your case to the judge for review to get your warrant dismissed. But, if you don’t keep up your end of the deal, then Blackwell said you will face consequences.

“Then there is a good chance they could be arrested. There is a good chance they could get another bench warrant if they come and have this first one removed,” said Blackwell.

Blackwell said there will be other opportunities at the event.

“We’ll have employment or staffing agencies there to help folks who may be seeking employment, we’ll have the Upstate Fatherhood Coalition. They offer parenting classes and skilled development,” she said.

Cody Steves is a father of two. He said being a parent is hard enough but it’s great there’s a chance to help those who are struggling to pay their child support.

“To be given the opportunity to, you know, kinda clear up your name, get on a payment plan and then get set up with a job, as well. I mean, that’s a good push forward to kinda get things going,” said Steves.

Blackwell said the county just wants to give families the chance to start fresh. She said depending on the success rate of this program, they could be holding something similar in the future.

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