Speak to Dad about sharing custody | Existence

Here’s what I can tell you – if you prevent your son from hanging out with his father just because you think it’s rude, it can backfire.

When you practice good ex-etiquette, all of your decisions will be made with your child first. This means you take yourself out of the equation and use your child’s best interests as a basis for making decisions. Thinking it’s outrageous is just your opinion, and judges don’t take it lightly when one parent interferes in their child’s time with the other parent.

When the going gets tough and a judge has to decide, the deciding factor as to which parent has sole custody often depends on which parent is most likely to facilitate spending time with the other parent. That doesn’t sound like you now.

At this point, it is best to sit down with dad and agree on when your son will be with you and when with his father. During this discussion, talk to Dad about how each of you takes care of your son when the other is not around. Create an environment where you can shake hands on your child’s behalf and they will thrive. Create an environment where your child is afraid to love both of you and feels like they have to choose one or the other, and you will add to your child’s fear, insecurity, and questionable mental health.

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