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Story Update (5/20): On Wednesday, May 19, Asotin County MPs along with Washington Probation and Parole and the Quad Cities Drug Task Force attempted to contact an Asotin County resident to check welfare and Bringing a 1 year old into the county custody of his mother.

While the order was being carried out, the child’s father, Steven Eckhart, released a firearm from the residence. Officials were concerned for the child’s well-being and their own safety, so outside residence was secured and the Lewiston Regional Swat team contacted.

The contact was established over the phone by Stevens’ probation officer and a QBH Quality Behavioral Health mental health officer. The Lewiston Swat team arrived and took over the negotiations. After a few hours, the hostage taker and the Swat team were able to persuade Steven to leave the residence without incident.

Eckhart was eventually taken to Asotin County Prison, where charges are being made of 2nd degree assault, reckless discharge of a firearm, and criminals in possession of a firearm.

The Asotin County Sheriff’s Office thanks all regional partners for their support in achieving a peaceful solution.


CLARKSTON – A stalemate that began over a custody battle and lasted nearly five hours ended peacefully in Clarkston on Wednesday night.

The stalemate reportedly began around 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 20, when the affected subject refused to return custody of his one-year-old child. According to the Asotin County Sheriff’s Office, officials showed up at the residence to contact the issue and SWAT was called on-site after officials reportedly heard a gunshot at the residence.

Knowing that a child was inside and possibly in danger, a local hostage-taker was also brought in who ultimately managed to de-escalate the situation, resulting in the man walking out of the residence with his child and surrendered peacefully. At 10:41 p.m. the call came on the police radio that the subject had been arrested.

The data subject’s name has not yet been released at the time of this writing, Thursday morning (5:55 a.m.). A press release from Asotin County is expected to be released on Thursday afternoon.

This article will be updated with information as it becomes available to us.

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