Steve Bing’s son Damian Hurley, daughter Kira Kerkorian lose enchantment for inheritance

Kira Kerkorian Bing could be the most unfortunate heiress in the world.

Despite being entitled to the inheritance of her two multimillionaire fathers, she has largely missed out on both fortunes.

Earlier this week, Kira, 23, lost her appeal in court for the $ 451 million ($ 607 million) owed in the will of her late father, New York multimillionaire Steve Bing.

For many years it was mistakenly believed that Kira was the daughter of another multimillionaire, US media mogul Kirk Kerkorian, from whom she was also cut off.

In June last year, her real father, Mr. Bing, died of suicide at the age of 55, leaving his fortune to his two estranged children, Kira Kerkorian Bing and Damian Hurley.

Kira is the child of Mr Bing and former professional tennis player Lisa Bonder, while her half-brother Damian Hurley, 19, is the son of English actress Liz Hurley and Mr Bing.

Kira aspired to the role of administrator of Mr. Bing’s estate, which was worth $ 451 million ($ 607 million) while Damian was due for $ 330 million ($ 444 million) from his will.

Strangely enough, however, both children do not receive a penny from their father’s fortune.

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On Monday, the two half-siblings lost an appeal in court.

Kira and Damian’s grandfather, Dr. Peter Bing, had fought hard to keep her out of the money.

Dr. Bing did not want its “illegitimate” grandchildren to receive the $ 600 million Bing fortune.

Now the fortune is divided between the two children of Steve’s sister Mary, who, unlike their cousins, were born in wedlock.

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The $ 600 million was first paid into a trust in 1980 with the intention that the trust would “not benefit an extramarital person unless that person had been a regular member of the household for a long time”.

Both Kira and Damian Hurley did not belong to their father’s household.

Lisa Bonder was married to another man, Kirk Kerkorian, when she discovered she was pregnant with Kira.

For many years it was believed that Kira was Mr. Kerkorian’s child.

It wasn’t until later in life that Mr. Bing was found to be the true father.

Liz Hurley became pregnant with Damian Hurley in 2001 after a brief affair with Mr. Bing.

Despite her tender age of 23, Kira led a controversial life. She was originally believed to be the child of another millionaire, Kirk Kerkorian.

Kira’s mother Lisa Bonder was married to US media mogul Kirk Kerkorian, 48 years her senior, for only 28 days in 1999.

When she became pregnant, she insisted that Mr. Kerkorian was the father, and after they divorced, he paid a whopping $ 100,000 (AUD 135,000) monthly in child support.

As part of the former couple’s divorce settlement, Mr. Kerkorian was also forced to set up a $ 7 million ($ 9.4 million) trust fund for his daughter.

But Mr. Kerkorian suspected Kira wasn’t actually his child – and in the noughties, private investigator Anthony Pellicano was known to wipe a piece of dental floss used by New York businessman Steven Bing, a former friend of Ms. Bonder’s.

Upon DNA testing, that tiny strand proved Mr Bing was indeed Kira’s father, and despite Mr Kerkorian’s estimated $ 4.2 billion (AUD 5.6 billion) net worth, she was left with a fraction – albeit any Another huge sum of $ 8.5 million ($ 11.4 million) – when he died in 2015 at the age of 98.

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