Sufferer advocates developing with new methods to assist throughout instances of isolation

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) – As the Delta variant spreads, some people are concerned about the potential for further lockdown, especially those living in violent or unstable homes. The Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence wants to reassure anyone who is concerned that they are ready to support victims no matter how the pandemic develops.

The network says children who are victims of domestic and sexual violence are particularly at risk because they typically do not have the resources and the capacity to act to get help. They also say that many teenagers have lost access to teachers and other family members they previously turned to for security reasons.

Lizzy Lyons and Amy Torchia, of the Vermont Network, say youth advocates spent the past year developing new approaches to helping families and teenagers through times of isolation.

“I feel like the linchpin they made over the last year was really focusing on their wellbeing with teens and children,” said Torchia. “Your daily basic well-being and the check-in of ‘Are you eating? Are you sleeping? What do you need? Do you need school supplies? ‘ The things that are basic needs and also their emotional well-being. “

The Vermont Network has also put its support groups online. And they are currently working on a youth advocacy task force.

More information and available resources can be found here.

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