Summerfield man popped on a number of drug expenses after caught with expired tag

Izik Keith Holly

A 32-year-old Summerfield man was arrested early Sunday morning after being caught driving a vehicle with an expired license plate that was not registered on the car.

In 1996, Marion County Sheriff’s MPs spotted a black Toyota Corolla driving west on the 4700 block of SE 134th Court. Before they could initiate a traffic obstruction, 32-year-old Izik Keith Holly stopped at the curb at the 13500 block of SE 41st Court and got out of his vehicle to check the back. MPs confirmed that the license plate had expired and was not registered with Toyota and had pulled in behind Holly’s vehicle, a report from the sheriff said.

Holly told MPs the vehicle was banned. He said he put the label on it so he could take it home from the store because someone was working on it. He told MPs that he did not have a valid driver’s license as it had been suspended for failure to pay child benefit.

MPs observed rolled cigarette butts that appeared to be marijuana cockroaches in the center console and rolling papers in the driver’s side door handle. The MPs asked a passenger to get out of the vehicle and she told them Holly “smokes weed”. When asked if it was the cockroaches, she said, “Most likely,” the report said.

After reading his rights, Holly said that he rolls cigars by hand. When told the MPs under observation were not hand-rolled cigars, he said the asses may have come from his friend who smokes synthetic marijuana and was earlier in the vehicle, the report said.

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