Syesha Mercado Shares Footage from ‘Refreshing’ Go to with Son Amen’Ra amid Custody Battle

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Syesha Mercado / Instagram Syesha Mercado and son Amen’Ra

American Idol alum Syesha Mercado enjoyed a two-hour visit with her son Amen’Ra on Sunday amid their months of struggle to get the little boy home.

Mercado, 34, and her partner Tyron Deneer spent the supervised visit outside in a park with family members, she explained in a video on her Instagram story.

“It was just so refreshing to be in the sun with our son and to feel the rays on his skin and let him experience his culture – we drummed to him, we sang to him, we held him and were just completely present. ” She said.

In one video, Mercado filmed 18-month-old ‘Ra snuggling up to his mother while she held him in her arms and sang to him.

“All of the reassurance, all of the prayers, all of the positive thinking and mantras, they are shifting the energy and they are doing exactly what needs to be done to bring our baby home,” she said. “I literally imagine and imagine him walking through that door so happily every day and saying ‘Mom’.”

Mercado announced on Aug. 20 that she and Deneer were reunited with their newborn daughter, Ast, a week after they lost custody of the child, and that week they battled to finally get their son home.

Syesha market

Syesha market


Mercado claimed the boy was “forcibly and legally abducted” by CPS on March 11, alleging that she and Deneer denied him a B12 injection “which was a matter of life and death, which is an outright lie “She wrote on a GoFundMe page.

The new parents had taken the child to a Florida hospital in late February to help him get extra fluids, while Mercado had switched from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding due to her pregnancy.

Randy Warren, a spokesman for the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, previously told PEOPLE that an investigation was opened after authorities received a lead on a child “suffering from severe malnutrition.”

The story goes on

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“Ultimately, the child was placed and treated on the orders of a judge,” Warren said. “The parents refused to cooperate.”

A Florida Department of Children and Families spokesman previously told PEOPLE that while specific case information is confidential, the department’s actions “are always designed to ensure the best interests of the children.”

In a press conference on August 17, Deneer denied all allegations that he and Mercado molested their children.

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“The only thing we as parents ever did was make responsible choices, loving choices,” said Deener. “We haven’t committed a crime. We haven’t molested our babies.”

“Our lives are about health, balance and doing whatever we can to lead our children,” he added. “Nothing we do harms our babies.”

Mercado, meanwhile, got emotional when she talked about her two children being taken away from her.

“I’m a first-time mom and have been denied holding my babies and feeding my babies,” she said. “It’s not the first time I’ve seen Ra as she says mom. I haven’t seen my babies meet for the first time. I didn’t see that and I can’t go back and repeat that moment. I’ll never go back and repeat that moment. “

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“I’m supposed to love my babies,” the singer continued. “It’s been withheld from me and I don’t know how to put it. It hurts so much.”

Louis Baptiste, one of Mercado’s lawyers, told the press conference that the children were in the care of an estranged relative.

“They are not where they belong and they are not with the person the parents would choose and their environment is not an environment the parents would choose,” he said.

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