Technical subject in state system prevents youngster help funds from going via

There was an obvious technical problem with the state child support system that resulted in hundreds of dollars in payments being delayed to those in the area.

News10NBC reports that the system involves the state enforcement agency for child benefits, where they collect one parent’s wages and deposit the money into another parent’s account.

The system stopped working earlier in the week – and the only notice that was given was an error message indicating that there was a technical problem with the system.

Parents’ concern is the timing of the correction. As a result, it has affected parents in the region. “At least one,” Tess Rudolfs told News10NBC, speaking about how many deposits could not be processed. “There’ll be another if they don’t fix it by next week.”

Anthony Farmer, a spokesman for OTDA, made the following statement after the original story was published:

“A technical problem with the child benefit payment system interrupted the payment of payments to households served by the program this week. OTDA is working with the state agency for information technology services to identify affected households and correct the situation. OTDA anticipates payment will begin again on Monday April 5th and will work with families to do its best to mitigate the effects of this delay in payment. “

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