Teen Mother Jenelle shares uncommon video with son Jace, 11, & calls him her ‘greatest buddy’ after she has custody case sealed

TEEN Mom’s Jenelle Evans called son Jace, 11, her “best friend” when she shared a rare video of the two of them after she sealed his custody case.

The former MTV star wore a leopard print crop top and khaki shorts and danced in the background while Jace imitated the words.

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Teen mom Jenelle Evans danced behind her son Jace


Teen mom Jenelle Evans danced behind her son JacePhoto credit: TikTok @jenellelevansShe called her oldest child hers


She called her eldest child her “best friend”Photo credit: TikTok @jenellelevans

Jenelle fans were thrilled to see the two of them together and rushed to leave supportive comments.

One wrote, “Okay, I love those vibes that need more of this duo.”

“What a funny mother you are and he is so grown up and beautiful, so much love for you girl,” enthused another.

Another wrote: “It is the confidence that you look so good and healthy!”

The two had a great time together


The two had a great time togetherPhoto credit: TikTok @jenellelevansJenelle has three children


Jenelle has three childrenPhoto credit: Jenelle Evans / Instagram

Earlier this week, a North Carolina court clerk revealed exclusively to The Sun that Jenelle, 29, and her mother, Barbara, had sealed the custody case of Jace, 11.

This ruling means that all filings and upcoming court hearings are not public and can only be viewed by the parties involved in the case.

Jenelle had the custody battle sealed after her mother revealed her son Jace’s “out of control” behavior in court documents.

The Sun previously reported that the Teen Mom 2 star filed sole custody of her troubled son Jace and an emergency petition on Jan. 28, 2021.

Jenelle and her mother Barbara fight for custody of Jace


Jenelle and her mother Barbara fight for custody of JacePhoto credit: MTV

Barbara currently has primary physical and legal custody of Jace as Jenelle visits him every other weekend after transferring custody of her son to her mother in June 2010.

According to the custody petition, Jenelle alleged that there had been “a significant change in circumstances affecting the minor’s best interests” that warranted a change to the custody agreement.

The former Teen Mom 2 star claimed that Jace was “at risk of bodily harm” in the care of his grandmother and she is now seeking custody.

Jenelle claimed Jace had “progressively worse behavior problems that result in him being physically aggressive, out of control, and insecure.”

Jenelle and Jace


Jenelle and JacePhoto credit: MTVJenelle with her husband David Eason


Jenelle with her husband David EasonPhoto credit: MTV

The YouTuber claimed that Barbara told her that she “cannot control the underage child’s behavior”.

Barbara was instructed by his health care provider “several times” to call a crisis hotline or to go to the emergency room when Jace’s “aggression escalated,” claimed Jenelle in the file.

Jenelle noticed an alleged incident on December 19, 2020 in which Jace and Barbara “argued all day”.

The court records state: “The underage child was physically assaulted [Barbara] cause injuries twice [Barbara.] The underage child also burned the carpet because he was angry at it [Barbara].

Jenelle had the papers sealed to protect Jace


Jenelle had the papers sealed to protect JacePhoto credit: MTV

“The underage child has had a fire in the house of in the past [Barbara]. “

Jenelle claimed that her mother “did not contact the crisis service or seek any treatment or professional help for the underage child during this incident.”

The ex-TV star claimed Barbara asked Jenelle for help with Jace.

Jenelle claimed that she picked up Jace on December 20, 2020, mainly with the consent of Barbara.

Jace gets along great with his little brother


Jace gets along great with his little brotherPhoto credit: Jenelle Evans / Instagram

Jenelle said she was “fit and appropriate” to have sole legal and physical custody of Jace, while Barbara was “not fit and appropriate to have the care, custody, and control of” [Jace] because she is unable to properly take care of the child and ensure that they have a safe home environment. “

She asked that each visit between Barbara and Jace be “therapeutic, until they are able to adequately manage the conflict in their relationship.”

Jenelle asked the court to issue an emergency detention warrant so that Jace is “immediately” transferred into her custody.

Barbara responded by asking the Columbus County Social Services Department to provide her attorney with documents, including medical records and psychological assessments, for review.

Jenelle believes Covid testing is bad for you


Jenelle believes Covid testing is bad for youPhoto credit: Instagram / Jenelle Evans

All post-filing trials have been postponed.

Just a week before filing for custody, Jenelle announced that she had regained custody of Jace.

She said on a TikTok video, “I have custody of Jace. He now lives with me full time. My children are happy, they are healthy. “

But Barbara, in an interview, denied Jenelle’s claims that she had full custody.

Jenelle then posted a YouTube video that fired at her mother.



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She claimed, “Jace has been with me for the last week about his behavior. It was really bad … my mother couldn’t handle it. His behavior was terrible. The things he did were terrible. That’s all we can say about it.

“My mother couldn’t handle it … He wouldn’t do his homework. I’m the only one who could get him to do his homework.

“’Next time you go you come to my house, you will live here,’ and my mother agreed. She said, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ It’s going to be really bad. He scolds a lot. I don’t know where he got it because he definitely doesn’t get it from my house. “

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