Teen Mother Star Chelsea Houska Ex Adam Lind Arrested

Chelsea has recently faced legal troubles with her husband Cole DeBoer. But their woes are nothing compared to what’s going

Chelsea has recently faced legal troubles with her husband Cole DeBoer. But their woes are nothing compared to what’s going on with Chelsea Houska ex Adam Lind.

Chelsea and Cole’s company was sued for $4 million by Envy Branding LLC for hiding assets. Both sides failed to reach a settlement in 2022.

A trial date hasn’t been set yet. In the lawsuit, Envy’s lawyers wrote, “Through discovery in this action, Plaintiff learned that Defendants failed to disclose the existence of additional entities that appeared to engage in licensing for Chelsea and DeBoer.

They have denied any wrongdoing in a legal battle that has been going on for over two years. Chelsea Houska is now dealing with legal troubles with her baby daddy Adam Lind for not paying child support.

According to Celebuzz, the two share 13-year-old Aubree.

A warrant was issued for Adam Lind for not paying child support in January 2021. The arrest was made in May 2022. Official documentation stated he was arrested for “violating a valid court order.”

Court revealed: “At the hearing, his $2,000 bond was released to the division of Child Support to be applied to Defendant’s child support obligations.”

However, this isn’t the first time Adam Lind has been arrested. In August 2020, Adam was arrested for driving with a suspended license and not paying child support.

The news isn’t so shocking because Adam has been arrested multiple times for different offenses.


Chelsea Houska ex Adam Disappoints their Daughter: Aubree is Upset Over her Dad Not Keeping his Promise

Chelsea Houska ex Adam Lind Arrested

According to The Sun, On a Reddit board, a fan posted a clip from Teen Mom and titled it: “This clip got me cryin.” The video shows Aubree upset about a promise her dad made to her mom.

Aubre says in the clip: “My dad promised me that I would go with him to a place.” Chelsea asks, “Where?” and Aubree replies, “Like to his house. He promised me.” Chelsea then questions, “When is he going to take you?”

Aubree responds, “I don’t know. He didn’t know but he promised me he would.” She adds, “You never break it.” One fan commented on the clip, “This is heartbreaking.” Another added, “I want to hug them both.”

A Reddit user commented: “This scene has lived rent-free in my mind for years. It’s such a poignant summary of living with a deadbeat dad/partner.”

Another fan mentioned: “The worst part is he promised that knowing it wasn’t allowed…pretty sure he was on supervised at his parent’s house or the visitation center by this point, so he knew it would be Chelsea who had to ‘the promise ‘ not him.”

Fan stated: “Adam is such a hot pile of garbage for how he treats his daughters and women in general.” One fan wrote: “I agree. Like what is Chelsea supposed to do? Tell Aubrey that her dad is a lying piece of s**t & isn’t going to take her anywhere? No.”

Teen mom star Chelsea Houska has fans wondering if she got a secret boob job

Chelsea Houska ex Adam Lind Arrested

Chelsea posted an Instagram story wearing various outfits from the Lauribelles line.

The Sun reported Teen Mom star was wearing a red “Bria Brami” tank top with a “Sparkle Skull” beanie. She pointed out that the outfits are “very flattering.”

Fans claim the reality star got implants as her boobs appear to look bigger than before. A fan wrote: “I thought boob job when I saw her!”

Another fan commented: “I have been saying for years she got implants. I have implants! So easy to recognize!”

A third commented: “I do not remember Chelsea being so buxom.” A fourth wrote: “It looks like she got a boob job.” Another added: “That is one massive right boob!”

So far, Houska has been mum on whether or not she got a boob job.


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