Texas Lawyer Common Candidates Marketing campaign in North Texas – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Price

Many candidates are spending time in North Texas, during the last week of early voting.

In a show of unity, Democratic Candidates for Office in Tarrant County gathered on the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington. They showed support for Democratic Attorney General Candidate Rochelle Garza, who is in North Texas for three days. Garza said she wants to change how the Attorney General’s Office does business.

“All the bread and butter issue. Making sure we are collecting child support, that we are actually protecting consumers, and that we restore civil rights. I want to have a fully funded civil rights division to protect the safety, the dignity, and the “Privacy of every Texan. That includes voting rights, that includes reproductive rights,” said Rochelle Garza.

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s campaign said he was not available to speak with us today, but sent a statement from Attorney General Paxton, saying the choice Texans are facing in this Attorney General’s race could not be more clear.

“My opponent, Rochelle Garza, is the most radical candidate for statewide office in Texas history, and her open borders agenda at a time when our border and our state have been completely overrun with rampant illegal immigration isn’t just wrong — it’s dangerous, “Paxton said in a written statement. “I am confident that the people of the Lone Star State will recognize the many critical victories we’ve won to protect our fundamental liberties and to hold Joe Biden and his administration accountable for their lawless agenda that has caused Texans so much pain.”

Garza said she is not for open borders. Garza points out she began her career as an immigration attorney and a fifth-generation Texan from the border region.

“As Attorney General, I will hold the federal government accountable if they fail to enact an orderly immigration process because that is what they need to do. The burden shouldn’t be on our border communities. I know that well as somebody who is from Brownsville Texas, that has lived through that,” Garza added.

Paxton is running for his third term as Attorney General. He maintains his innocence in a seven-year fight against his indictment on securities fraud. Early polls showed Garza within two points, but more recent polls show Paxton with a more comfortable lead.

He maintains his innocence in a seven-year fight against his indictment on securities fraud.

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