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After years of litigation amidst media hype, a Texas court has granted her mother almost all of the custody and parental rights of a trans girl, on the condition that her father has regular supervised visits and the mother does not agree to any gender. Confirmation of hormonal or surgical treatment while the child is in their care.

Luna Younger, now eight, has been the center of a right-wing media flash about trans youth and gender health care in the past two years when her father, Jeffrey Younger, claimed her identity was being forced upon her by her mother. Dr. Anne Georgulas.

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Jeffrey went on to claim that Georgulas, a pediatrician, tried to force Luna into a “permanent” transition through gender-affirming care, although she denied it.

After her last hearing, Dallas County Judge Mary Brown issued an injunction preventing Jeffrey from seeing Luna and her twin brother, granting Dr. Georgula’s full custody until the court made a decision.

Last week, Judge Brown announced her decision, concluding that Jeffrey “failed to make payments for child support, medical assistance and interest on time” [previously] arranged ”, noting that he didn’t start paying until Dr. Georgulas notified the court.

Judging from Jeffrey’s “unwillingness or inability to obey orders intended to serve the welfare of the children,” Judge Brown finds “that it is necessary for the health and safety of children” to place both in the care of Georgulas. Georgulas can now determine the primary residence, legal representation, education, extracurricular activities and appearance of the children alone.

Georgulas can also exclusively determine the medical, psychiatric and psychological care of the children, but cannot take advantage of hormone therapy, puberty blocking or gender-confirming operations for the children “without the consent of the parents or a court order”.

While very few transgender minors have surgery, puberty blockers are only useful when a transgender person is young. Waiting several years after puberty to begin medical treatment leads to irreversible and unintended changes to the body of a trans person who has gender dysphoria – the distress a person experiences when their gender identity differs from that assigned at birth Gender matches – can make matters worse.

That hasn’t stopped many conservative lawmakers across the country from attempting to ban gender-equitable childcare, inspired in part by right-wing media claims that children are being forced to make medical switches.

Luna’s story has been used over the years to promote such a theory in conservative media, and conservative to far-right media outlets like the Texan, the National Review, and the Federalist continue to call Luna dead and falsify her gender. They came to the conclusion that, even after the verdict, she identified herself as a trans woman “against her father’s will”.

Judge Brown’s order also mandates regular supervised visits for Jeffrey with the children at his “sole expense”, continuation of child support and continuation of court-ordered therapy for the children and both parents.

Both parents are also required to pay a court appointed amicus curiae to “ensure the safety and well-being of the children” and to report to the court.

Do you remember the case of Luna Younger? Well, courts have given her mother sole custody. Papa only gets supervised visits. Additionally, even though Jeff Younger raised over 100,000 from anti-trans forces, he failed to pay his child support.

– Cassandra of Troy (@BrynnTannehill) August 10, 2021

Will not split the federal article, but apparently full custody of Luna Younger has been given to her trans-affirming mother, Anne Georgulas. Of course, the federalist points out that the judge is a Democrat and takes up the CHEATER BEHAVIOR of the father Jeff Younger.

– LvilleClinicEscorts (@LouClinicEscort) August 10, 2021

In 2019, Luna’s story caught the attention of conservative media. The girl’s mother, as well as health professionals who have worked with her, say Luna is transgender, but her father says that his daughter is actually a boy and that her mother is forcing a transition on her.

Not only did the parents agree on their identities, but eventually dueled in court on issues like their children’s haircuts, but as Dr refused to recognize Luna’s gender identity.

The matter has been brought to justice (custody trials are still held in front of a jury in Texas.) After hearing the case, 11 of the 12 jurors decided that Georgulas should have sole custody and supervision of the children.

Then the judge overseeing the trial overturned his sentence on the basis that “the state of Texas has no compelling interest in justifying such interference … requiring the father to validate the child and respect the child’s decisions” .

Georgulas appealed the judge’s decision, it was dismissed, and the case was remitted to another jurisdiction and court in December 2019. Since then, the court has issued several injunctions dividing the parents’ responsibilities until an agreement can be reached.

Younger began a public campaign for the government to intervene after Georgulas claimed that their daughter identified as female and is now called Luna.

Even after he was ordered not to publicly comment on the case, conservative media began to present the story in late 2019 after several “saves” [Luna] Younger “campaigns and social media sites (supposedly made or supported by Jeffrey) became increasingly popular.

A “petition” from the right-wing anti-LGBTQ site LifeSite News received tens of thousands of signatures to prevent any confirmation of Luna’s activities. Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) tweeted, using her dead name, that he was going to “investigate” the Texas Attorney General and the Department of Family and Protection Services.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) claimed that Luna was “a pawn on a left political agenda,” while Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) noted that “a seven-year-old can’t possibly do it.” decide or understand. Parents should know better, ”he added, and he hopes Younger will get“ the public support he needs ”.

The claim that Jeffrey tried to “save” his seven-year-old child from hormones and surgery unlikely for a child her age has been reiterated. In reality, she had started the social transition and evidence was presented to the court showing that Luna identified herself as a girl even when neither of her parents was present and refused to be asked by her mother to identify herself as a girl .

No parent has spoken publicly on the matter since that ruling.

Judge Brown’s order is referred to in the judgment as “temporary,” but lists an end date and appears indefinitely. For now.

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