Thomas Ravenel Calls Bravo Corrupt Over Custody Drama

Thomas Ravenel, the former star of Southern Charm, lashes out at Bravo once again for the decision to still follow Kathryn Dennis’ story.

Thomas Ravenel on Southern Charm

Southern Charm‘s Thomas Ravenel is at it again and this time is lashing out at Bravo for continuing to follow Kathryn Dennis’ story after she lost the custody battle. The father of three has not held his tongue when it comes to his outrage against the network. Every couple of months, Thomas takes to social media to let the network feel his wrath.

Kathryn and Thomas have had a tough, drawn-out custody battle that had turned ugly for both reality stars until they came to an agreement back in December 2019. Southern Charm viewers will recall that Thomas filed for sole custody of their two children, Kensington and Saint, after Dennis allegedly failed a drug test. In February 2021, Kathryn lost custody of her children and now only has supervised visits on the weekends.


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Over the weekend, Thomas tweeted his disdain for Bravo via Page Six, proclaiming that the network is “corrupt.” Thomas couldn’t help but notice how hypocritical the network was supposedly being, claiming that if he had lost custody of his children, he would have been portrayed as a horrible father. Instead, the disgraced politician noted that he was being accused of “buying off the system” to gain custody of his children. Thomas quickly deleted his post, but fans are wondering what prompted the outburst.

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel in Southern Charm

Southern Charm viewers have never learned exactly why Kathryn lost custody since, in 2021, she requested that the documents be sealed. During their custody battle in 2021, it was shared that a mutual friend reportedly told Thomas that the redhead took her children on a ski trip and allegedly left cocaine in easy access points. Soon after the allegations, Thomas uprooted the children and moved them to Aiken, South Carolina, which is a 2.5-hour drive from Charleston. The relationship between Kathryn and Thomas has not improved as she blames him for losing her children.

Kathryn has difficulty processing that she no longer has her children and feels that court-supervised visits are horrible. Southern Charm fans empathize with the mother of two, who has been sharing her hardships on the small screen. Currently, Kathryn gets every other weekend with her children and can only see them between 9 am and 7 pm Kathryn is also paying Thomas $4,000 in child support and for his nanny to drive the kids to Charleston. While it doesn’t look like Thomas will be back on the show, fans hope to see Kathryn get another chance to be a mom.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9 pm EDT on Bravo.

Source: Thomas Ravenel/Twitter, Page Six

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