Three Necessary Keys to Success

Every divorce is unique. You may have hastened your divorce or you may have held on to your marriage. Often times it’s a bit of both. Either way, you got single. The reality of being single can be difficult to accept and adjust to. As with any loss, the loss of your marriage must be mourned. While your memories remain intact, your future plans with your spouse dissolve. That makes it a great time to re-envision and rebuild your future. You may want to consider dating after the divorce. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

3 Keys To Implement Before Starting Dating After Divorce

Take the time to identify your unrealized dreams

When you look back at your marriage and the plans that didn’t materialize with your spouse, how can you re-envision them? What are the dreams you wanted to live when you were married? What are the dreams that you would like to experience as a single now? The nature of divorce is that it gives you freedom.

Take notes in a journal or device. Do you have a destination in mind? Did you want to learn to cook? Whatever dream you had, you can still make it come true.

Know what you want before you start dating after the divorce. The clarity you have about your personal vision will keep you from falling in love with a person who is unsupportive or in tune with your dreams.

Clean up your act

It’s a great time to detox from habits that aren’t making you feel good about yourself. Before you can find your best match, you have to be your best. Look at what you eat, what you drink, how well you sleep. and your exercise routine. These physical acts are essential to your emotional wellbeing, as well as your physical energy and wellbeing. Take into account other habits that can cause you to become sedentary or lose positive energy. This can be television, video games, and social media. What steps are you currently taking to clarify your point of view?

Use your journal or device and identify toxic, addictive foods and beverages that you want to eliminate from your diet. Keep a sleep log and note the best sleep conditions. Notice the habits that cause you to think about thoughts that make you sad or anxious. Eliminate these habits. Through this process of detoxifying your life, you will feel alive and love yourself more. Your physical and emotional health will improve and you will have more energy. When you start dating you want to be with people who are supportive of your best self.

Be authentic you

When you go on an appointment, it is best to be your authentic self. Instead of putting a facade on who you might be or who you think the date wants you, be true to yourself. In this truth, you will attract a more likely match. Once you have implemented keys one and two, you will have made great strides toward being your individual and unique self. You are clear in your dreams and have eliminated activities, foods and substances that are harmful to your health. It’s a kind of rebirth.

Now is the time to let yourself shine. Express yourself in a way that aligns with your core values. Resist the urge to conform to what others think or encourage. Be true to your dreams, not the drama. Focus on continuous detox and avoid toxic indulgences and situations.

When you are true to yourself, you are authentic. Contrary to popular belief, being true to yourself doesn’t make you insensitive or selfish. Indeed, when you operate from your authentic self, you have more to offer to others! When you no longer hide behind the facade that others expect of you, your own uniqueness will shine. People are drawn to you because you have something to offer them.

Divorce is devastating and marks the end of an era in your life. Take the time to be present with what is happening and break away from the past drama. Make your dreams clear to yourself. Let go of the foods and habits that make you sick and sad. Reveal your true self and share your vitality with those in your world.

Dating after a divorce can be difficult, but with these three key measures you are now ready to join the dating pool with confidence. When you go out on a date, you know that you can rely on your instincts and ability to do your best!

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