Tiffany Dragged For At all times Bringing Up Ronald’s Previous

90-day fiancé fans tune in to Tiffany Franco Smith. The audience is frustrated because the mother keeps bringing up Ronald Smith’s troubled past.

Tiffany Franco Smith continues to bring up her husband Ronald Smith’s criminal history 90-Day Fiancé: Fortunately, to the End?, but viewers believe that the mother’s focus on Ronald’s past has become inadequate. The American mother of two decided to marry Ronald and have baby Carley with her, even though she knew he had a criminal record and had problems with gambling addiction. Hence, franchise fans are tired of hearing that Tiffany puts Ronald’s past to the test on the 90-Day Fiancé spin-off show while her husband waits in South Africa for his US visa to be approved.

As Ronald’s past continues to haunt their relationship, the couple has posted warning of a divorce on social media. However, Sunday night’s Happily Ever After episode revealed that Ronald is actually closer to getting his visa and joining his wife and children. However, Tiffany realized that she would need her father to fund Ronald’s visa and take financial responsibility for him as she wasn’t making enough money. This led Tiffany’s franchise villain Maggie to insist that her daughter lie to her father and leave out information about Ronald’s troubled past. Although Tiffany chose to clean up her father, the audience was shocked at the deception Maggie proposed.

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Additionally, fans are fed up with hearing Tiffany criticize Ronald for his past. A viewer posted on the r / 90dayfianceuncensored sub-reddit to review their behavior in a post titled, “Wait a damn hot minute, Tiffany. Are you telling us that Ronald has a … gambling addiction? You’ve never mentioned it before. ”The user expressed feigned shock at the reveal as Tiffany continually brings up Ronald’s story. “What makes me do double takes with this fool is that she’s already thinking of a divorce but now wants to bring him over to us,” said a top comment. Viewers were shocked to see the couple advance in Ronald’s plans to join Tiffany in the US after telling the cameras that she was going to divorce her husband.

Ronald Smith: TLC: 90 days fiancé

Some fans tried to understand Tiffany’s obvious change of heart. “Maybe she thinks being together will solve most of her problems, so she won’t get a divorce. It’s a bit naive, but even Ronald claimed the long distance relationship was difficult to maintain, ”speculated one user. “Or that the probability that she will receive spouse / child benefit is greater when he is over there with her 🤷🏻‍♂️”, wrote another user back as a possible theory. While fans have turned on Tiffany lately, many have beaten Ronald up for his lack of financial contributions and manipulative behavior towards Tiffany’s young son Daniel. “I would be shocked if she kept repeating that over and over again, not being production-driven. I’m more attached to the fact that Ronald did not contribute anything financially to his daughter, ”said a frustrated viewer.

Overall, audience sympathy rests most with Daniel and Carley, as they are young children influenced by their parents’ choices. However, viewers are upset that Tiffany is trying to paint herself a victim in the situation. While some viewers believe that Tiffany is emotionally abusing Ronald, others have accused the South African of manipulating Tiffany and Daniel. Fans expect Tiffany and Ronald to become the first 90-day fiancés of the sixth season: happy to the end? officially giving up, but their recent change of heart may suggest they are still trying to get their marriage up and running.

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90-Day Fiancé: Fortunately, to the End? airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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