Toddler Secure; Father in Custody After Standoff in King Salmon – Redheaded Blackbelt

Daniel Ray Church, 46, was booked tonight following a standoff that began law enforcement this afternoon at a King Salmon residence. The man’s toddler was found unharmed.

In a previous statement, Samantha Karges, spokeswoman for the Humboldt County’s Sheriff’s Office, said:

The call came as a welfare service for a male youth believed to be in the care of his father. The father is wanted by the Eureka Police Department on multiple charges. Since the residence is the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office, we are assisting EPD in pursuing this case and are trying to contact the man at his residence in Block 1800 of Buhne Drive.

Attempts were made to get the suspect to come out of the apartment, but law enforcement could not confirm he was inside. Eventually the robot was sent inside and officers soon followed and found the suspect and child safe.

According to Samantha Karges, spokeswoman for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Church has been booked for “an EPD arrest warrant for spouse assault, stalking, assault with a deadly weapon other than firearm and kidnapping”.

She added, “Please note that the charges he’s posted for are all warrant charges and not a result of today’s incident.”

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