Tom Wright, Chip LaMarca look to restrict driver’s license suspensions attributable to unpaid court docket debt

Republican lawmakers are reviving legislation to ensure drivers don’t suspend their licenses because they can’t pay court fees.

It is. Tom Wright again supports the Senate version of the bill (SB 386). Byron DonaldsLast year’s sponsor of the house is now serving in the congress. Republican representative. Chip LaMarca takes on these efforts before the 2021 meeting (HB 557).

“Far too many Floridians are unable to pay their fines and fees in full,” Wright said in a statement Wednesday endorsing the changes.

“The suspension of licenses for non-driving-related offenses limits the person’s ability to work and pay the fines and fees. I am proud to sponsor this important law at such a crucial time for so many of our Florida citizens. “

The measure would not be an exception for those with a suspended driver’s license due to dangerous driving or for those who are overdue for child support payments.

“When someone loses their driver’s license it is almost impossible to keep a job and support their family,” added LaMarca. “As we rebuild our economy, we need to consider all options for Floridians, and I believe we should stop suspending licenses due to court debt.”

Around one in eight drivers has at some point suspended their driver’s license for failing to pay court fees, according to statistics from Fines and fees judicial center. More than a dozen states have passed laws introducing similar changes in other parts of the United States.

The measures also aim to introduce broader reforms to judicial payment plans. Monthly service fees would be a thing of the past, and fines and fees could be completely waived for those in need.

Both of the bills from the last session went through the committee process but died shortly before reaching the floors of the House and Senate. Multiple organizations across the ideological spectrum have supported a change, including the ACLU, Americans for Prosperity, and numerous companies


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