UPDATE: Fundraiser For NJ Man Accused Of Making an attempt To Meet Underage Teen For Intercourse Deleted

GoFundMe deleted a campaign launched by a Hudson County man who was arrested earlier this month while trying to meet a 14-year-old child for sex, according to authorities.

The site was created on Friday by Adamovic (48) from North Bergen. It hadn’t received any donations when the Daily Voice posted a story about it on Saturday.

Soon after, it was removed. Adamovic’s social media accounts also disappeared.

Adamovic was arrested on February 5 after authorities said he showed up in Bound Brook for sex with an underage partner who was actually an undercover detective.

Adamovic, a native Bogotan who graduated from Paramus Catholic High School and Seton Hall University, started chatting with the detective on various online platforms, Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson said after his arrest .

The chats became sexual, the prosecutor said, and precautions have been taken.

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A judge at the Central Judicial Processing Court in Somerville later allowed Adamovic’s release, subject to conditions, pending further legal action.

Then, early on Friday, Adamovic made a public appeal.

“Almost all of my life I have had a great job, house, car, loving girlfriend and 4 incredible dogs,” it began.

“In the past two years I’ve been fired from my job, my house has been sealed off, my car has been taken back and my things have been sold in the warehouse,” Adamovic’s parking space continued. “All I have now is the clothes on my back and I am renting a room in a dirty building. I work 60 hours a week, but 65% of my salary goes to child support and I’m just trying to survive and take care of my dogs.

“Please help unless my dogs and I become homeless.”

He did not mention the arrest.

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