UPDATE: Pupil in custody after pictures fired inside Plymouth Center Faculty

The Superintendent of Robbinsdale Area Schools, Dr. Stephanie Burrage said “multiple” shots were fired into the ceiling of a hallway outside a bathroom.

Burrage said some students witnessed the incident.

“Any child who goes through this at school is a challenging day,” said Burrage.

Fadden stated that no injuries were reported and that the scene was included. A previous post by Robbinsdale Area Schools stated that students were safe.

Officers and school staff are linked to the detained student’s family, Fadden said.

“We know this was a frightening and traumatic event for everyone at Plymouth Middle School and throughout the district. Please note that each district school has a support team that includes school counselors, school psychologists, social workers and others to help them. students they can work with when they come to terms with the things they feel and experience as a result of this incident, “Burrage wrote in a Facebook post Monday afternoon.

Burrage made the following statement later on Monday:

Today continues to be a challenging day for our students and staff at Plymouth Middle School. I am writing to you to dispel rumors that may be floating around on social media and otherwise shared.

In particular, some people have claimed that the student who brought a gun to school shouted, “Black lives don’t matter.”

According to eyewitnesses and investigators of the incident, this is completely false information.

It is also important to note that there is not much we can share while this matter is being investigated.

We are also in the process of reuniting students with their parents who have arrived in the east parking lot of Armstrong High School at the Reunification Site.

District leaders and District Crisis Team members are at Plymouth Middle School, where learning is still ongoing. You stay on site all day.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued patience and support.

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