USA finance and funds dwell updates: $400 verify for automobile house owners, Youngster Tax Credit score, S.S. incapacity…

Headlines: 4 June 2022

May holds unemployment at 3.6%, 390,000 new jobs added

New York State gas tax holiday went into effect Wednesday and will end in December 2022

– President Biden laid out three part plan to tackle inflation

– US gas price jumps to record high on Saturday just shy of $4.82 per gallon on average

– OPEC announces production increases for July and August

No announcement yet amid speculation Biden could announce large-scale student debt forgiveness

– Personal consumption price index shows inflation slowed slightly in April

– Online searches for baby formula soar as shortages continue, average out-of-stock rate nationwide over 73%

Helpful info & links

– California State Disability Insurance scheme: the lowdown

– Governor Newsom proposing $400 rebate for California car owners

Pennsylvania governor wants to send residents $2,000 stimulus check

– Which states in the US spend the most on Medicaid?

New York unemployment benefits: what is the max?

– Things to consider before retiring

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