Vadodara homicide case: Brother to hunt custody of Sweety’s son, was ‘suspicious’ when she went ‘lacking’

Jaydeep Patel, a farmer from the village of Pansora in Umreth Taluka in Anand District, has yet to come to terms with the revelations that have hit the family since his 37-year-old sister Sweety Patel shared with Police Inspector Ajay Desai on the 5th in Karjan from the Special Operations Group (SOG) of Vadodara District.

The Ahmedabad Detection of Crime Branch (DCB) arrested Desai, Sweety’s partner and father of her two-year-old son, 49 days after she was “missing” on alleged murder and destruction of evidence.

While investigations into the chain of events leading up to her alleged murder continues, Patel will now file a petition for custody of her son Ansh, who was left without his two parents.

“My biggest concern right now is the welfare of Ansh. We took him home for almost 20 days after Ajay told us that Sweety disappeared on June 5th. But he’s big enough to understand that his parents aren’t around and he longed for them, so we brought him back to Ajay in hope he’d be better. Later, as the mystery began to unfold, we learned that Ajay had given the child to his friend in Ahmedabad. Well, after being arrested for Sweety’s murder, the friend apparently turned the child over to one of Ajay’s sisters. We want to know where my sister’s son is, “Patel told the Indian Express on Tuesday in a telephone conversation.

The family has reached out to a lawyer to prepare a petition to seek custody of the child on the grounds that they are his only living family as Desai is accused of Sweety’s murder and their relationship is not from his family is supported.

“We have asked the attorney to file an application with the court and it will be done shortly. We have to formalize custody to avoid problems later … My sister loved him so much that I couldn’t let him pass from hand to hand as an orphan, ”says Patel.

Patel, who last spoke to Sweety on Ansh’s birthday, said, “When he (Ajay Desai) called me that morning to tell me that Sweety had left the house after a little argument, I was suspicious. She would not have left the house and the son because of a little something … “

Patel says his suspicions grew when Desai began dodging his calls a few days later.

“I turned to the Vadodara police on June 11 with a missing person report … But the Vadodara police did not investigate the case as they should,” said Patel, the FIR complainant of the murder on the Karjan Police Station on June 24th by the DCB against Desai and his accomplice Kiritsinh Jadeja.

The FIR was classified as “sensitive”.

While the police investigation says Desai ran away from Sweety when she forced him to divorce his legal wife, whom he married in 2017 – a year after they lived together, Patel claims Sweety didn’t know that Desai was another woman had married.

“She didn’t know he had another wife… She knew he was engaged to another woman under family pressures, but he didn’t tell her that he had married the woman. If she had known, I’m sure she would have left him, ”claims Patel.

He adds that when Sweety was pregnant with Ansh, she hid the pregnancy from Desai for 24 weeks in order to exceed the gestational period that allows an abortion. Patel said: “She told us she was pregnant, but she didn’t tell him because she thought he wasn’t ready to have a baby… When Ajay found out about the pregnancy, which was at an advanced stage, he still told her to do the abortion but eventually agreed to have the baby. “

The family is excited to see what happened that evening that led Desai to take Sweety’s life. “I was made to understand that he feared he would lose his job as a civil servant because the regulations do not allow them to have two wives, but he had lived that lie for so long by stating the facts in front of both women – his Woman – hidden as well as sweety. Then why did he kill her? ”Patel says.

On Tuesday, the DCB also reconstructed the crime scene in the couple’s apartment building where Desai Sweety allegedly murdered on the night of June 5.

Officials also brought a vehicle to reconstruct the manner in which Desai allegedly loaded Sweety’s body into the trunk of his compass jeep, which was partially seen on the company’s CCTV footage that morning.

Police are also investigating whether Sweety was pregnant with their second child, as Desai told his co-defendant Jadeja that his family pressured him to kill his sister, who became pregnant through an affair, in order to honor his family protect.

However, Patel denied that Sweety was pregnant.

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