Vernon Maxwell must log out, Tony DeAngelo nonetheless speaking

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Vernon Maxwell will forever be remembered as the man who stepped on the stands in Portland and punched a man right in the face.

Maxwell then claimed that the man had targeted him with racist slursand didn’t really get the benefit of the doubt because of its reputation: substance abuse, multiple arrests, a guilty pleading on a gun charge, and multiple court incidents.

In retrospect, the world owes Maxwell an apology for not listening. He knows what he’s heard, and even with as much trouble as he got inside, it wasn’t like regularly stepping up several rows in the stands and slapping a man in the face. He was ready to take it to court and countered the man, Steve George, who filed a lawsuit against Maxwell over the beating.

And maybe Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t the best person to tell the story.

But even if Maxwell beat up George for racist slurs, that doesn’t mean he’s not an asshole himself. as Maxwell showed recurring over the years, including an arrest for domestic violence and a time in prison for unpaid child support.

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Maxwell had enough time to evolve, grow, and make amends for his past. But yeah, he’s still an asshole.

Aside from the obvious body-shaming misogyny, this man is using Comic Sans in 2021 and posting it on the Internet by Al Gore.

The only funny thing is that Maxwell’s pinned tweet starts out as if he was aware he got it wrong with an apology … and then it turns out not only to be no apology, but as of 2017.

This is actually a pretty sweet roast. Maxwell should have signed off immediately.

Tony DeAngelo, who talks about assholes with bad tweets, is no longer on the Vogel app but managed to get some news with an exclusive interview in which the New York Post claimed he “exposes his soul. ”

“I’m not a racist, I’m not an extremist and I’m not an insurgent,” said DeAngelo in a prominent quote.

He also said in spite of himself Deny COVID“I’m not a COVID denier.”

Well, I’m glad that clears it all up.

Even the funniest “Post Has Learned” of all time: “Not that this is any less hideous, but the Post has learned that the bow.” [DeAngelo] directed at a Caucasian teammate [while playing in juniors] was ethnic and not racial. “

Oh! Again glad that clears it all up. This guy’s an asshole.

Lionel Messi still has it.

Ray Hudson too.

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