What number of children does Britney Spears have? Exploring her relationship with ex-husband Kevin Federline, custody battle, and extra

Pop star and singer Britney Spears hasn’t revealed much about her family. Hence, the public is unaware of their children, ages, and other details commonly known about family members of celebrities.

A few months ago, Spears shared a rare photo of her children on Instagram. She mentioned in the caption that they grow up fast. She mentioned that she was proud to be a mother.

Britney Spears’ children

Spears is the mother of two sons. She shares it with her ex-husband Kevin Federline. Spears and Federline welcomed their first son, Sean Preston, in September 2005. She wrote on her website in 2005:

“We are very happy about the birth of our son! Everyone is happy, healthy and doing wonderfully. Thank you for all your love and good wishes! “

A year later, Spears and Federline welcomed their second son, Jayden James. In an interview with Access, Spears said that everything is great.

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After Spears and Federline divorced in 2007, they agreed to share custody of their two children. A few months later, custody of Jayden and Sean was transferred to Federline due to Spears’ frequent use of controlled substances and alcohol.

Sean is now 15 and Jayden is 14 years old. On one occasion, Spears mentioned on Instagram why she wasn’t sharing more photos of her sons. She said she wanted to give them space because they are at an age where they want to express their own identity.

Relationship with Kevin Federline

Spears and Federline met in 2004. You tied the knot in 2005 after a three-month relationship. The couple divorced in 2007, which coincided with Spears’ downward spiral in public opinion.

Spears and Federline are no longer together, but they have reached a mutual parenting agreement. A report from E! News claims the duo entered into a 70/30 custody agreement as of 2019. Previously, the ex-couple had shared a 50/50 custody agreement. Federline’s attorney said the children were fine under their father’s care.

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