What Occurred To A-Rod’s Child Mama, Cynthia Scurtis?

Some celebrities just can’t escape fame no matter how hard they try. Former Yankees star Alexander Rodriguez struggled with celebrity gossip, especially after breaking up with Jennifer Lopez. The name of the ex-baseball player got a million copies in the newspapers. However, the media occasionally turn their lens to A-Rod’s ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis. Ever since Rodriguez’s world wind romance with Jennifer Lopez and its ending, everyone has been wondering what Scurtis is up to these days? Here at TheThings we have all the details about what is on the mind of the famous psychology therapist.

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It all started in the gym

Every good relationship starts with a sweet story of how we met. How Yankees stars Alexander Rodriguez and Cynthia Scurtis met isn’t exactly the most romantic genesis. They didn’t meet on a movie set, at a wedding, or even at the bar. Instead, they met in 1996 at the Body and Soul Gym.

At the time Scurtis was doing her reps on the stair master when the all-star shortstop for the Seattle Mariners questioned her. The Greek beauty initially turned down the baseball star but eventually gave in. A Daily News source revealed that A-Rod really loved “muscular women,” which is why he chased Scurtis all those years ago.

Eventually the two took their relationship to the next level. Six years later, on Scurtis ’30. Birthday, A-Rod asked the big question. Of course, the psychologist said “yes”, but her family initially rejected her marriage because A-Rod was not Greek. Fortunately, Scurtis’ family came by. Her grandfather, the famous Greek Orthodox priest, Rev. Demosthenes Mekras, directed her wedding. To make the moment even more special, the two married in Rodriguez’s Texas mansion in 2002. After tying the knot and bringing families together, the two greeted their daughters Natasha and Ella. Sounds like the former baseball player and psychotherapist has the perfect relationship.

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The divorce

However, their martial bliss came to a standstill in 2008 when Cynthia Scurtis filed for divorce. At the time, reports alleged that A-Rod had committed infidelity. According to HollywoodLife, the baseball star teamed up with a stripper from Las Vegas. Afterward, sources reported that he was having an affair with Madonna, who was also married at the time. Of course, Madonna denied ever having had a romantic relationship with A-Rod. However, Madonna’s claims weren’t enough to convince Cynthia Scurtis not to divorce the baseball star. According to ESPN, Scurtis’s motion to dissolve the marriage read: “The marriage of the parties is irretrievably broken because of the husband’s extramarital affairs and other marital misconduct.” While their marriage ended in ruins, their divorce proceedings were much worse.

Sources found that A-Rod had spent $ 115,000 on child support payments for spouses and children. For a whole decade he had paid Scurtis a total of $ 13.8 million. However, according to a 2018 story published by PEOPLE magazine, A-Rod called for a drop in payments. The former baseball player noted that he didn’t mind supporting his two daughters. However, he did not believe that he “should be forced to pay his original amount, especially since he retired”. A-Rod also pointed out that Scurtis was engaged and already had a child from her fiancé. Seems like Scurtis was after A-Rod’s money in the end. Either that or she had a serious grudge against her ex-husband.

Scurtis’ real face was revealed during a meditation session. Page 6 reported that the couple sat down to discuss cutting A-Rod’s payments. The situation was tense, however, when A-Rod’s then-fiancé Jennifer Lopez was in attendance. Apparently the superstar had been there to “help Rodriguez cut his payments by tens of thousands of dollars”. Obviously, Scurtis did not take Lopez’s involvement in the financial affairs of her and her ex-husbands lightly. Despite previous negative comments made on Lopez’s behalf, Scurtis remained vague and nervous about the meditation session. Although she mentioned that “her X-husband’s girlfriends were great with her and their children, there was no problem. Until now. “Obviously Scurtis didn’t like the change in the flow of money, especially after getting used to a certain lifestyle.

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She lives her best life

While Cynthia Scurtis may receive less of her spouse and child support, she still has a great life ahead of her. The Greek beauty and former baseball player have remained warm to their daughters Natasha and Ella, who they are currently raising together. They still post family pictures of themselves hanging out with the kids. At least it gives their children a sense of normalcy.

Her family also grew when Scurtis fell in love with Miami-based realtor and fitness guru Angel Nicholas. The two dated for a while and eventually got married sometime in 2019. Although they had secretly gotten into trouble, the two posted extremely cute photos of their wedding day on their anniversary date and Mother’s Day. Scurtis and Nicholas also share a daughter of their own named Camilla. Apparently, Cynthia Scurtis has officially moved away from Rodriguez.

She even took up her ex-husband’s suggestion to find work by getting into the real estate business. Recently, the former high school teacher renovated and built several properties across Miami over the years. Not only has Scurtis turned houses, but has also returned to her educational roots. She used her degree in psychology to volunteer for several women’s aid groups. By renovating homes and returning them to the community, Scurtis sounds like a well-rounded woman.

Cynthia Scurtis has grown over the years. More importantly, she doesn’t hold as much grudge against her ex-husband either. Scurtis went on with her life and started a new family with husband Angel Nicholas. She is fine these days.

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