What Occurred To Autumn, Child & Dad After Season 5

16 & Pregnant’s Autumn Crittendon and ex-boyfriend Dustin welcomed their son Drake to Season 5.

A lot has changed for Autumn Crittendon and her ex-boyfriend Dustin since their time 16 & pregnant. In the hit MTV reality series, the couple’s relationship ended bitterly after nine months of pregnancy. Here’s everything Autumn, Dustin, and their baby got up to since their episode of 16 & Pregnant.

The world was introduced to Autumn Crittendon and their child’s father Dustin Franklin in 2014 during MTV 16 & Pregnant Season 5. Autumn was a 16-year-old high school student who lived with her then boyfriend, older sister, and in Richmond, Virginia, her older sister’s boyfriend. Although Autumn and Dustin were seasoned high school darlings, their relationship wasn’t ready to take on all of the chores associated with raising a child. A major problem in Autumn and Dustin’s relationship was his preference for smoking. Autumn also believed that Dustin’s immaturity showed in his lack of motivation to find a job and quit smoking. Dustin confirmed those fears when he admitted he wouldn’t quit smoking after their baby was born during a dramatic restaurant outing. Fortunately, however, Dustin’s conversation with Autumn inspired him to find a job and pass the associated drug test.

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Like almost all of 16 & Pregnant’s romances, Autumn and Dustin couldn’t keep their teenage love long. The couple’s child, Drake LeSeuer Franklin, was born on December 17, 2013. After Drake was born, Autumn and Dustin’s relationship problems escalated. Autumn claimed Dustin did not provide enough financially or emotionally for her child. Autumn and Drake’s episode of 16 & Pregnant ended with Autumn going to court for support from their child’s father. Since her relationship with Drake collapsed and burned up on MTV, Autumn has embarked on several notable romances. First and foremost, Autumn is said to have seen 5-year-old Millina Kacmar from Season 16 & Pregnant. Rumors of a romance between the two MTV reality stars sparked when Millina reportedly posted news about the couple’s relationship status on social media.

In 2015, Millina Kacmar sparked controversy when she stated in an Instagram post that she and Autumn fell in love with New York. Millina went so far as to call “[Autumn’s] My baby and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. “While some fans saw this as hard evidence of a romance between these two co-stars, many interpreted this post to mean that the two teenage mothers were nothing more than close friends. Autumn and Millina’s potential relationship soon became a moot point, when news broke of Autumn’s marriage to a new husband in 2017. After dating Brad Oxley for a month, Autumn and Brad were married in Virginia Beach in late May 2017. Sadly, Autumn married Brad and was fired before the end of that summer Autumn has held back since the fall of their marriage. After going private on Instagram, Autumn remains only accessible on her Facebook fan page.

While she may not have one of the most dramatic lives to follow 16 & pregnantThe secluded life of autumn outside of social media and reality TV shows that the young mother has learned the value of privacy. While not open to the public, Autumn’s private Instagram biography reveals that the former reality star recently welcomed a second son, Luke. Despite the unsuccessful love affairs between Autumn and Dustin, Brad and perhaps Millina, their family continues to grow.

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