World responds with kindness after dad’s vindictive last youngster assist cost goes viral

HENRICO COUNTY, Virginia – You’ve now seen the story of the Virginia father who dumped 80,000 pennies in front of his 18-year-old daughter Henrico’s house and told her mother it was his final child support.

“It’s not just my mom he’s trying to embarrass, but me and my sister too, and it’s annoying that he didn’t think about that before he did,” 18-year-old Avery Sanford told CBS 6 – Reporter Jon Burkett.

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The story went viral after it was posted on not only because of the video of the man disposing of the coins, but also because of what Avery and her mother did with the money.

They donated the money to Safe Harbor, a nonprofit organization based in Henrico that helps survivors of sexual, domestic violence and human trafficking.

“When I turn around and donate this money to needy mothers and children, I feel that this is really changing this situation in a positive way. You can learn from it, ”said Avery.

But the story doesn’t end there.

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“I’ve been in fundraising for over 20 years. I have never experienced something like that. Safe Harbor has never seen anything like it, ”said Mary Maupai, development director at Safe Harbor. “This is sure to be one for the books.”

When the news of the penny dump and subsequent donation from spread through national news websites and cable news networks, Avery’s demeanor and kindness resonated with people around the world.

These people have reached Safe Harbor.

“Our online donation page just exploded,” Maupai said. “We have received over $ 47,000 in donations locally, nationally, internationally, as far as England and beyond.”

As the story continues, Safe Harbor and the people who benefit from the nonprofit will continue to benefit.

“It was really amazing. First of all, how the mother and daughter took this situation and turned it into a positive event. And it was just a blessing for so many of our survivors, but also for the good of the people, ”said Maupai. “It’s nice to see people from all over the world uplift these young people and say it’s amazing what you’ve done.”

Safe Harbor’s waiting list has grown longer as the pandemic has affected the lives and mental health of so many people. Maupai said the sudden influx of donations will help them serve more people.

“The timing couldn’t be better,” she said of the donations that offset recent cuts in government funding. “We are just more than grateful. I’m actually going to meet the mother on Monday and can’t wait to tell her what her good deed did and just share with her daughter the wonderful blessings she has given people and the tremendous amount of good that came out of it. “

Avery Sanford’s mom, Raven Sickal, also sent a CBS 6 statement on Friday in response to the surge of support:

“When I read about the donations, I sobbed,” said Sickal. “It made us both very emotional. That range was amazing and the thoughtfulness and kind gestures exceeded anything we expected. We just wanted to turn that around and that’s exactly what we did.”

Here are examples of notes that accompanied the donations:

This is a donation on behalf of Avery Sanford. Way to take the elevated road. What a strong and beautiful gesture you made.
– CE

I would also like to support the Sanford family and their generosity in the face of a very poisonous act. Peace!
– BP

Because Avery Sanford is my hero. Congratulations on the big birthday and the big heart. From Canada
– RB

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