Yankees legend Mariano Rivera expressed regret about committing adultery throughout a church ceremony

Back in 2014, Mariano Rivera opened up about the guilt he felt having cheated on his wife multiple times during his long MLB career. Rivera is one of the most respected players in Yankees history, but his image seems to have suffered since the news came into the limelight.

Mariano Rivera has been one of the most prolific pitchers in MLB history. He spent 19 years with the New York Yankees, where he would win the World Series five times. He would be named ALCS MVP in 2003, along with 13 All-Star selections, and made it to the Baseball Hall of Fame with an unanimous vote, a record that still stands.

However, off the field, Rivera’s image has been camouflaged due to reports accusing him of infedility and adultery. A Panamanian media company ‘Dia a Dia’ chose to report the confession that Mariano had made. In the article, Rivera stated that he knew he had committed bad things and felt distant from God. Rivera said in Spanish:

“Estaba haciendo cosas malas: adulterio. Estaba lejos del Señor y me converti en un mentiroso.” This translates in English to, “I was doing bad things: adultery. I was far away from God and became a liar.” Since you want to talk about “sin,” Mariano Rivera literally committed adultery and then was accused of not paying child support for the children he had outside of his marriage. I—…

The news was further spread throughout the world by a popular Christian website called BREATHcast, who cited Mariano admitting during a religious testimony at a Brooklyn church that he was cheating on his wife. They were present during Mariano’s visit and noted the following:

“He went on to confess that he had been committing adultery with several women even though he was married. He said he was, ‘doing wrong things-separate from the Lord. ‘Adultery,’ turned into ‘lie[ing].'”

Mariano Rivera was also accused of failing to fulfill child support in 2019

Back in 2019, Mariano Rivera was accused by a woman of failing to provide promised child support for his son and daughter outside of his marriage. The woman issued a statement via her attorney that the Hall of Famer had “abandoned” them and stopped providing financial support for at least two years. This is when the cheating allegations resurfaced.

“He came to clean up his image before the media, instead of notifying authorities and facing the process. He stopped paying for things for his children and put them in an economically critical situation. It is true that I face demands in the courts, all without foundation, which are affecting my children whom I love with all my heart.” The woman, Yovany Ortega, had said.

The legendary Yankees nearer called the allegations unfounded and said he had always been a good father to his children. However, the damage had been done as media houses started referring back to the 2014 incident of Mariano Rivera accepting he had cheated on his wife.

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