Youngster welfare visits, custody battle ends in demise of seven yr outdated

Julissia Batties, a seven year old who died last weekShe repeatedly failed because of the childcare she was supposed to protect. Her death, which is still under investigation, came in the care of her mother after her older half-brother admitted to physically assaulting her the night before her death.

Now Julissia’s extended family wants answers to how the seven-year-old fell through the child and family protection system: The New York Childcare Authority.

Julissia had kept a child protection record from birth because she was concerned about abuse of her older siblings, and although she was under scrutiny by the child welfare officers, she was clearly slipping off the beaten track. She reportedly had bruises on her face in Julissia’s final months, but a phone call made in the weeks leading up to her death about her grooming was not investigated.

Child protection fails child

According to her grandmother, Yolanda Davis, Julissia “was a good kid. She didn’t cause any problems. And we loved her. She died at a young age … she loved everything. Deeply … We know that she is better now … [God] took her home because I did everything I could. “

Julissia lived with Ms. Davis over and over again, who is now waiting for Julissia’s body to be released in order to have an appropriate burial for the young child. Ms. Davis claims that she has been denied access to Julissia’s body since the young girl died last week.

Julissia’s death also continues to confuse her other family members, who are confused about the exact circumstances surrounding her death. Julissia’s mother, who was looking after the child, said she found Julissia dead in her bed while her half-brother admits they hit her the night before.

No charges for Julissia’s death

Regardless of this, the result is the same: A seven-year-old child is no longer on this earth.

According to the New York Administration for Child Services, “The death of seven-year-old Julissia is a terrible tragedy and we mourn her loss. We are carefully reviewing this case to ensure that we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of the children and the support of the families. “

Since her death, no nanny has been charged with neglecting Julissia. Neither her mother nor her brother were charged with crimes related to Julissia’s death.

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