A Few Father’s Day Do’s and Don’ts

As a single mom on Father’s Day, it can be a little lonely at times when the kids are not by your side, but it’s important to realize how important it is to your kids to spend time with dad – especially on Father’s Day.

Just as on Mother’s Day, when the mother is properly recognized for all her services to the family, it is just as important that the children can spend time with and acknowledge their father on their special day.

A few do’s and don’ts for Father’s Day

In order to prepare yourself not to spend time with your children on Father’s Day, I have put together a helpful guide with “Do’s and Don’ts” that I have separated in my consultations with customers on the subject of Father’s Day and visiting parents.

Of course, these suggestions also apply to Mother’s Day, when the children spend time with their mother, but as Father’s Day is fast approaching, we will start there. So without further ado, here is my helpful list of do’s and don’ts for a single mother on Father’s Day:

Do’s for a single mother on Father’s Day

  1. To do Encourage your children to spend time with their father on Father’s Day. Keep negative feelings to yourself until the children are gone so that they can enjoy a guilt free day with their father.
  2. To do Stand aside for the day and let the Father shine, if only for a day.
  3. To do Make sure that your children – if they do not live in the same geographic area as their father, or if their father is employed or works abroad – contact and speak to their father. If possible, connect them through a video conference, Skype, Facetime or similar application that allows the kids and their dad to see each other during the conversation.
  4. To do Have the children create a Father’s Day card and / or encourage your children to give their father a homemade gift.
  5. To do Take time for yourself and enjoy a good time with your family or friends. Make plans that don’t involve the kids, like brunch, a movie, or a day at the spa with friends.

Don’ts for a single mother on Father’s Day

  1. Not Make plans or other activities on Father’s Day that would deprive the father of the opportunity to spend time with the children on Father’s Day.
  2. Not to belittle or otherwise vilify the father towards the children or in their vicinity. This tip should apply all year round – not just on Father’s Day
  3. Not Forbid children from spending time with or contacting their father on Father’s Day.
  4. Not allow the children to dictate the terms of their timeshare with father on father’s day.
  5. Not Desperation: Mother’s Day happens in May, so make sure the same do’s and don’ts apply to your special day every year!

While the list is certainly not exhaustive, I hope these do’s and don’ts help provide some guidelines on how to best deal with Father’s Day after divorce – and ensure a smooth timeshare experience for your child.

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