Aaron Carter reveals he is again in rehab after shedding custody of son however vows to get him again after quitting weed

ARRON Carter has revealed he has enrolled in rehab in a bid to maintain his sobriety after secretly losing custody of his young son.

The former teen heartthrob, who has struggled with addiction issues over the years, is already a few days into a month-long outpatient program with LA-based Lionrock Recovery.

Aaron Carter has spoken openly about getting help and trying to stay on the wagon


Aaron Carter has spoken openly about getting help and trying to stay on the wagonCredit: JDMC
He has reconciled with his fiancee Melanie Martin after a rollercoaster few years


He has reconciled with his fiancee Melanie Martin after a rollercoaster few yearsCredit: JDMC
Aaron Carter is pictured back in 1998. He rose to fame with his hit Crazy Little Party Girl in 1997


Aaron Carter is pictured back in 1998. He rose to fame with his hit Crazy Little Party Girl in 1997Credit: Getty

The 34-year-old singer says he is seeking professional help to prevent falling off the wagon after five years of sobriety, as he experiences many “triggers.”

Carter says the treatment is to also stop him from smoking marijuana and to stabilize his turbulent relationship with fiancée Melanie Martin, which has often played out in public.

The tattooed artist, who has survived more than 100 seizures from a “dusting” addiction, has spent $200,000 so far this year on care to make them “a fully functional family.”

Martin’s mother currently has custody of the couple’s 10-month-old son Prince under a court order, Carter has revealed, amid worrying drug and domestic violence claims.

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The euphoric singer appeared with his fiancee in an exclusive video interview for The US Sun in which he denied having a prescription pill and opioid problem after videos emerged of him appearing “out of it” requiring Xanax.

Fans feared for the 1990’s icon’s mental and physical wellbeing after he appeared under the influence of drugs in worrying social media live streams.

Carter says “there is no reason to hide” an addiction, explaining this is his fifth time in rehabilitation and he’s mainly focused on aftercare.

“I haven’t had any relapses or anything like that, it’s just triggers are big right now for me [and] I want my son back,” he exclusively told The US Sun.

“The main reason why I enrolled into Lionrock Recovery outpatient is to help with the weed.

“I don’t want to smoke weed anymore. I don’t really need to.

“I have a medicinal marijuana license to grow up to 99 plants a year.

“But I threw away all that gear, I sold all of it, got rid of all my plants and my strains I was growing. And I was never even told I had to do that by DCFS [Department of Children and Family Services] or by the State of California.

“They never took away my guns, they never took away my regimented medications.

“Even in the court, the DCFS tried to mentally evaluate me, but the judge had one conversation with me and said, ‘No, he doesn’t need all that. I want to see him do this step, 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5.”’

He continued: “It’s an abstinence program and I work with an individual counselor,” adding that it was a suggestion from the court but not mandatory.

“I do group therapy, parenting classes, domestic violence classes, I got myself certified in CPR, just a lot of different things.

“It’s new being a parent but it’s actually become really fun and exciting and given me a new chapter of my life. It’s been amazing.”


Carter also shot down allegations of having an addiction to Xanax – the powerful Benzodiazepine he is prescribed to treat depression and insomnia.

He insists his addiction was never for narcotics, but for ‘huffing and dusting’ – where abusers inhale canned air, which specialists say causes ‘an immediate rush of euphoria as well as possible hallucinations and delusions.’

He refuted suggestions that he was in denial about his addictions like his former close friend and King Of Pop Michael Jackson.

“The difference between Michael and I is that Michael didn’t go to rehab, ever,” he said.

“He never went and got rehabilitated for actual addictions that people suffer from whatever drug of choice it is.

“You can’t look at my regimented medication as a drug of choice which was prescribed to me in the rehab by a doctor who worked at Alamo House at the rehab that I did.

“Basically, unlike Michael, every single time I voluntarily put myself into programs. It’s really important to me to stay on those regimented medications.”

He insists that today he has no opiate issues, quit smoking weed and is not an excessive alcohol drinker.

Carter insists that videos showing him slurring his words, appearing high and drunk are “over-exaggerated”, but nothing to do with narcotic use or addiction.

He insists: “There [have] been many times where, because I have insomnia, I’ll take my medication for sleep and then I’ll go on a live stream, and I’ll get really sleepy.

“I should be going to sleep but sometimes I’ll stay up a little later than I should.

“I’ll be working on a project or something there [have] been lots of different things, I think a lot of it is just kind of over-exaggerated. I do take Xanax.

“Xanax is a part of my regimented medication that I take from Aloe House that was prescribed to me in rehab, so I take a regimented medication, a series of medications which helps keep me clean from huffing dust.”


The talented star has tried to wean himself off Xanax, but “went into a very dark, depressed state and didn’t function normally,” he claimed to The US Sun.

“Some people need medication to function normally after they have f****ed up their brain huffing duster cans and suffering over 100 seizures and going through all of that and still be able to have normal cognitive conversation today.”

Carter asserts that he has never doctor-shopped to over subscribe to medication as his prescriptions are linked to The Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES), maintained by the Department of Justice.

“I go through everything above board. Nothing ever off the streets, ever. I would never do that,” he insisted.

“I lost my sister to an accidental drug overdose so I would never do that. I would never overtake my medication.”

Aaron’s sister, Leslie Carter, died in 2012 at the age of 25 due to a prescription drug overdose.

Three prescription bottles found near her body were Xanax, Olanzapine, used to treat schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and the muscle relaxant Cyclobenzaprine.

He claims it was Carter who first introduced him to huffing.

The American Addiction Centers experts warn that doing it excessively can lead to “sudden sniffing death” by causing fatal heart failure even the first time it is tried.

Carter’s previous stint in rehab lasted 92 days.


The star chatted to The US Sun while on a grocery shop run with his fiancee and grabbing Starbucks drinks before heading home.

He feels that his ability to stay sober is down to his maturing and becoming a father, adding that he is not “being that same like cocky sh**”.

Carter feels that this new program with Lionrock is no different from going into an inpatient program and is aiding his reconciliation with fiance Martin, 30, who has worked in the adult industry.

The pair confirmed their relationship in June 2020 and quickly announced they were engaged.

He is also speaking out to promote his live tour and promised more concerts, adding that he has a new album in the works with long term writing partner and manager Lake Street Louie.

Last month, the singer claimed that the pair could “not be together,” but now they have since reunited, partaking in couples therapy and desperate to win joint back custody of their son.

“I want my son back. That’s the headline right there, I want my son back,” an emotional Carter said, explaining their next court date is in September.

“Being a dad is the most important thing to me,” he said. “Just being domesticated and civilized and adulting and taking care of my responsibilities.”

Carter, with Martin by his side during his interview on his phone at the grocery store, says his sessions have aided their reunion, with hopes to marry in New York soon and even have another child.

This new twist comes after a tumultuous year for the couple and Carter previously being hit with a $7.8million tax bill

He is the younger brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick, and has been a controversial figure the past couple of years, but is determined to get back on track.

In February, he filed for custody of his son and a petition for protection against Martin at the Antelope Valley Courthouse in Los Angeles County.


The Blast reported that Carter petitioned the court for full legal and physical custody of Prince.

He also alleged abuse from Martin that was documented on February 23, 2022, although Carter maintained there weren’t any witnesses to his claims.

In March, Martin requested a restraining order against Carter alleging in court docs he broke three of her ribs during a domestic dispute over medication that took place. Martin included medical records that indicate at least one of her ribs was broken.

In May, reports said the pair were in therapy and Carter denied any abuse.

“One of the many downsides of fame is having to deal with your personal problems publicly,” he admitted.

“Right now, both of our priorities are putting our issues to the side and trying to build a new and better foundation for our child.

“We’ve had a trying year and we’re doing amazing.

“We want to show the whole world that you can go through a bunch of sh**.

“There’s been seven months of taking domestic violence classes even though there wasn’t any ‘domestic violence.”

Carter says their relationship collapsed prompting them both to turn nasty using the internet and social media.

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“We went through a time where we were just being immature and just using the internet to try to get back at each other and just being immature people. We deactivated both of our social medias.”

Martin added: “First I want us to figure out what we are doing right now. I’d like to get married, move to another place.”

The former pop star insists he's still sober and is working on his issues


The former pop star insists he’s still sober and is working on his issuesCredit: JDMC
The tattoo artist is desperate to get his son Prince back after the pair lost custody


The tattoo artist is desperate to get his son Prince back after the pair lost custody
Aaron and Melanie are keen to make it work having confirmed their relationship in 2020


Aaron and Melanie are keen to make it work having confirmed their relationship in 2020

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