Adjustments to the quantities of kid help and baby upkeep allowance starting 1 January 2023

The amounts of child support and child maintenance allowance payments will increase on 1 January 2023 in response to the rise in the Cost-of-Living Index.

Child support payments and child maintenance allowances are linked to the Cost-of-Living Index, which will rise by about 8.33% on 1 January 2023. Starting from that date, the full child maintenance allowance will be EUR 186.97 per month per child. The full amount is currently EUR 172.59 per month, which means that the monthly allowance will increase by EUR 14.38.

The index adjustments will be applied automatically.

Due to the rise in the Cost-of-Living Index, also the amounts of child support payable will go up. The following formula is used to calculate child support payments: amount of child support in 2022 x (2211 ÷ 2041) = amount of Child support payable in 2023. Starting in January, persons liable for maintenance must pay about 8.33% more in child support.

If the difference between the child support due and the full child maintenance allowance is paid by Kela, Kela will notify the liable person of the new amount of the child support in a letter. In other situations, the liable person can check the new amount of the child support in the OmaKela e-service in the beginning of January 2023 at the latest.

The income limits to qualify for an exemption on child support debt will be adjusted as well. Persons liable for maintenance qualify for the exemption if their monthly income does not exceed EUR 1,263.43. The income limit goes up to EUR 315.86 per month for each additional child. However, the income limit is not increased for children who have been granted child maintenance allowance.


Person liable for maintenance: Parent who is required to pay child support under a child support agreement or court decision.

Child support: Payment made by the person liable for maintenance to provide economic security to a child who no longer lives permanently with him or her.

Child maintenance allowance: Family benefit designed to provide economic security to children who are not adequately provided for by both parents.

Child support debt: Outstanding payments of child support which Kela will collect from the person liable for maintenance after granting a child maintenance allowance. The child support debt includes interest for late payment.

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