Adrien Broner’s Household: What We Know About His 7 Kids

Adrien Broner is a name that has been synonymous with controversy over the years. Talented no doubt, fame and money beat the former champion. Despite all the controversy, Broner is a family man. So here’s what we know about Adrien Brroner’s family.

The former four-division world champion kept his children secret. However, he did mention them many times when talking about his child support obligations. According to multiple sources, Broner has seven children with six different women. He also has a twin brother Andre.

Of the seven children we know the names of five. They are Adrien Jr., Armani, Nene, KJ and Admire. The controversial boxer has also claimed he would have nearly 30 children without an abortion.

However, the eccentric boxer has shown that he has a good relationship with all of his “baby moms”. He mentioned this as the only reason for his success in sport, despite having many children.

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Adrien Brroner’s public spat with his family

The former champion recently had a minor argument with his kids on social media. This happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the break in the school year. Broner went to social media and said: “So all the kids are being held back from school for a year, that’s crazy! This basically means not just another year of child support, school clothes and new iPhones, but also a N *** A man. “

Following the backlash from his daughters, Broner pulled back, saying: “Baby, I’m just kidding, I don’t care, I’ll take care of you until I’m old and can’t walk or talk. Dad won’t have you back.”

This showed that he values ​​his family more than anything else in the world.

Previously, he offered extra money to the mothers of his children to make sure his children get the gifts they want for Christmas. Despite multiple complaints of caring for his children, Broner loves them more than anything.

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