Arrest Warrant Issued For Former NFL Participant Clinton Portis Over $147okay Owed In Missed Baby Assist Funds

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Former NFL running back Clinton Portis is wanted by the police, all because he allegedly skipped child support for years.

An arrest warrant was issued against Portis for failing to order alimony to the mother of his child, who was born in March 2015, according to an Alachua Chronicle report. Portis was sentenced to pay the woman $ 1,937.00 a month and now owes her $ 147,962.49 plus interest on missed payments.

Via Alachua Chronicle

A court has ordered the arrest of former NFL returnee Clinton Portis, whose current address is in Gainesville, for unpaid child support. According to court documents, he failed to make a one-time court-ordered child support payment of $ 1,937.00 per month to the mother of a child born in March 2015. The mother’s address is in Michigan.

The first enforcement petition was filed in October 2019, at which point Portis already owed $ 103,775.00. After Portis failed to appear at the hearings, an Appearance and Evidence Order was issued on July 20, 2021, ordering Portis to appear in court or be arrested on August 6. When he failed to show up on August 6, he was found in civil disregard of the court. In that arrangement, it was determined that Portis owes $ 147,962.49 in retrospective child support, plus interest.

Following this order, an arrest warrant was issued on August 13, ordering the arrest of Portis. He can clean up the disobedience warrant and be immediately released from custody by paying $ 148,032.49, which includes paying the sheriff’s fee.

Portis, who earned $ 43 million in his nine-year NFL career, filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015, but the judge on the case found that he “had the means and ability to pay, has a guaranteed income, and has sizable Retirement assets “.

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