Boy discovered lifeless in trunk raises concern about baby custody system ::

The murder of a 6-year-old Minnesota boy is calling into question the state’s child custody laws. On Saturday, the body of a boy found in the trunk of a vehicle during a traffic stop in mound was identified. The child had been the subject of a bitter custody dispute.

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it was a happy vlogging six year old boy. He did not deserve this josie Josephson had only known Eli heart for less than a year but says the mark, he left will last a lifetime. He was just a really loving kid who was just happy to be around people who loved him. I don’t think I ever saw him without a smile on his face. To very kind. To very loving. I mean he adored Tori. Tori being Tori hart, joseph son’s fiancee in six year old Eli’s biological father too. Disturbed to talk today, all he really was a dad that wanted to be in his son’s life. But for years he wasn’t court documents, paint a picture of a custody struggle between him and Eli’s biological mom who lisa thaler. These are the comprehensive report from when Eli was first taken away and why until August of last year when Josephson says the two were granted access for unsupervised trips with Eli from then his visits to their home in Wisconsin were frequent on weekends and holiday breaks. I always, I thought that Tori felt like he was missing a piece of him before we were able to reconnect with eli from that moment on it was dad dad, dad, dad dad. I mean, um and whatever piece was missing from Dory he found just weeks ago. Dakota County court documents showed the custody battle ended with taller once again awarded full custody of her son despite documented concerns of housing stability and concerns for her mental health. And after news broke that police had found a young boy killed inside a car trunk near Mount Friday, Josephson says a police officer knocked on their door. I asked the officer what happened and he said that Eli had died in his manner of death was homicide or no. Police have not commented publicly on their investigation since Friday night or named suspects or the victim involved. But an online roster for Hennepin County jail shows Thaler booked on murder charges. Friday Josephson says it never had to be this way, and there were many adults involved in his life over the last few years that could have done something.

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