Clinton Portis topic of arrest warrant for failing to pay baby assist

A court ordered the arrest of Clinton Portis for failing to pay child support and appear in court.

The Alachua Chronicle in Florida reported on the situation at Portis last week.

According to the report, Portis did not pay child support to the mother of a child born in March 2015. The monthly support amount is $ 1,937. At an August 6 hearing, it was found that Portis owed $ 147,962.49 plus interest on child support payments.

Portis’ arrest warrant was issued on August 13 after he failed to appear for the August 6 hearing.

Now 39; Portis was a second-round pick from Denver in 2002. He played two seasons for the Broncos before being traded to Washington. Portis was a two-time pro bowler. He made over $ 43 million during his career, but filed for bankruptcy in 2015 because of the mismanagement of his financial advisors.

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